Monday, June 25, 2012

The beginning of a Summer Quilt

I just love this fabric.  It is so perfect for a summer, red,white and blue quilt.  I found this in the Christmas fabric close outs in my LQS and thought it had been miss filed. So much more 4th of July than Christmas to me.

This will be the third red, white and blue quilt I have made for me. The first I ended up donating to be raffled for the Bulldog rescue where we got Tink. The second was still only a top and has been picked by a friend for her new summer home on the lake.  It's on it's way to the quilter as we speak. Maybe this one will actually be a keeper.

This quilt will be based on the 12 Blocks of Christmas from  They had  a great sew along the end of Dec beginning of Jan.where each day you made a 3 1/2 inch block.  Each day the new block contained one more piece. My version is here

The difference this time around will be that the blocks are 9 1/2 inches not 3 1/2 before the sashing strips.

See Block 3 - 3 pieces

Block 4 -

The first 4 blocks with sashing strips.   Opps, the bottom sashing strip on the 4 patch needs to bbe flipped around.  Tomorrow is another day.  Looking at it like this I am very pleased so far.

I also managed to get one more Swoon block done this week.  That's 12 of 16 done. I have even picked out the fabrics for the remaining blocks just need to cut it up.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love the colours in your new blocks Selina. You will have to hide this one, so you can keep it for yourself?

  2. Love the RWB blocks. 16 swoon blocks, that's one big quilt :)

  3. I love the way the corners form the star! It has been a favorite lil' "trick" of mine that I would like to try. I agree...the fabric looks more 4th of July than Christmas, but so worth it.

    I appreciate the heart of a quilter who gives to friends and good causes too!

  4. Rather lovely, especially the sashing!.


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