Sunday, May 30, 2021

H2H 2021 Challenge

This year there were 4 organizations  chosen for Hands 2 Help plus the option to make and donate to a local charity of your choosing.  Also a 5th option to make a quilt for a HOMETOWN HERO. 

One of my resolutions for 2021 was to work on some of the amazing number of UFO's I have collected over the years. I was able to use 4 of these pieces for the good of others in this Challenge.

This quilt went to Covered in Love.  A couple of years ago I made a version of this quilt using the pattern by Jamie Elfert for H2H.  I was away and made lots of the blocks while spending down time in a hotel room. In the UFO box I found a baggie of  the left over blocks. I actually put this quilt together and had 1 block left.  Follow the link for the pattern Have Faith Quilt by Jamie Elfert and its tutorial. She generously provided it for the H2H2018 Challenge.

This quilt went to Little Lambs.  It is made using a panel from 2005.  I don't remember buying the panel or where it may have come from but it is no more a panel it is now a wonderful completed childs quilt.

This quilt went to Quilty Hugs.  It was a finished top from a class I took a couple of years ago.  Why wasn't it finished? I was able to totally sandwiched, quilted and bind it in a weekend, DUH.

This unfinished quilt top is on its way to Victoria Quilts Canada.  This was the easiest of all of this years quilts since it was finished several years ago and only had to be stuck in an envelope.  OK filling out the post office form was a project (tee, hee) but Victoria Quilts doesn't need the quilts to be quilted.  They take care of that process in Canada to save us some coin on the postage.

I have picked a Hometown Hero and I was planning on making her quilt on Tuesday this week at a guild Challenge but found out today that the challenge has been postponed.  I now need to decide if I want to wait or make something else. My goal is to be done sometime in August either way.

Thanks to Sarah for coordinating this wonderful giving event.  It appears, already, to be another huge success. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Born To Be Wild Blog Hop

 Hello Hoppie Friends,

I'm so happy to be participating in another wonderful Hop  coordinated for your viewing pleasure by Carol from Just Let Me Quilt .

When I first signed up for this hop I made a note in my calendar for "The Jungle Hop" and from that point on Jungle ideas were all that I was tying to the projects I was considering.  I pulled all of the fabric in my stash remotely related to jungles, duh.

I did have one solid plan and that was for an Easy Peasy drawstring Backpack using some of my fun kid fabric stash.  My guild is currently working at making these bags for moms in a local womans shelter.  Some of the fabric that was donated was for kids and that got us thinking that the kids would probably need  some basics as badly as their moms.  

I've had this wonderful fun jungle fabric in my stash for way to long.  Yea,  2005  is what it really says. Time to put it to good use.

I usually make the front and back the same but got more mileage using the cuties just on the front and coordinating fabric on the backs.

This year one of my goals was to clean up some of my UFO's.  While looking for "jungle"fabric I found a great jungle panel in one of the bins.  I don't think I've done more than one or two panels in my quilting lifetime and have no idea where this one came from but it fit my version of the theme of this hop and will find a happy home with one of the H2H2021 Charities this year.

This panel had a date in the selvage of 2013. I believe that makes it a UFO.

Then last week we received our 2 weeks to go reminder about the "Born To Be Wild" hop

 and I realized that all that jungle thinking was behind me.     I am a lover of Clip Art and go there often for ideas .  So I typed in Born to be Wild and got an interesting mix of ideas that I thought may or may not work.

Since I had a very busy schedule over the past  couple of weeks I thought I might go with ideas for maybe pin cushions, mug rugs, placemats - you know the type of quickie things that are just plain ole fun to make on the fly. 

I found 2 designs that I loved. One I thought would make a great pin cushion and one a very sweet mug rug that I would enjoy waking up to in the morning.  

I started with the pin cushion while I was watching TV in the back ground.  Well I didn't size it very well when I went to print in out onto my fabric and instead of stopping and starting over I just kept with it. 

The first border was on before my brain realized that an 8 inch plus square may be just a tad large for a pin cushion.  In for a penny,  I decided to just add another border and call it a mug rug. By the time that was on it was dang near placemat size.

I really did want to make this design into a pin cushion so the next morning I started over and viola I got a pin cushion.  The total pin cushion is just slightly smaller at 5 inches square, than the original print out.

I still had the one design that I did want for a mug rug.  Isn't he the cutest fella.  I'm in love.   

Can't think of a sweeter way to start my day than with him at the table.  He is so sweet that I want to share him with one of you. As you can see there are 2 of him.  Make a note in your comment if you are interested in being in the drawing to win one of them and let me know which one, the light grey border or the dark grey border. He's little and lite weight so I will send him anywhere.  Oh, and I have no idea how washable he may or may not be.  I printed him out on my HP printer with HP ink and heavily heat pressed him onto the fabric.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to both of my interpretations of yet another terrific hop. Please take some time to visit all of the participants in this fun  hop that I have listed here for your viewing pleasure. You will be so glad you did and the ideas to add to your to do list will blow you away.