Tuesday, November 16, 2021

No Ring November - Mug Rug Blog Hop

 When Carla posted the notice for this hop my brain kicked in and I got the giggles.  So thank you Carla for not only coordinating yet another wonderful hop but also for putting me into such a fun mood.

I decided from the very beginning that I needed to design my own fabric for these little but mighty projects.

Mug rugs are a very important part of my daily routine.  I do get the occasional ring but I use them more to blunt the noise of smacking my mug on the table in the morning, waking up the house.

Well I did print my fabric and had a great time doing so.  I actually hated to cut it up, so silly.

One morning I got up and dug out some white largish scraps of fabric. 

 I then spilt some coffee into a saucer and dipped a few mugs into the puddle and then stamped them onto my white scrap. 

 I must admit I didn't foresee the amount of spread I would get or how light black coffee would appear on my fabric.

Next up, after supper that evening I repeated the exercise using red wine. 

Much happier with that outcome.  I will admit that I modified my approach using much less liquid for dipping.

I will admit that I should have had some paper towels handy for this process, but no, I had real need of mopping up what went through the fabric and picked up a cloth napkin, DUH

Thankfully it was a very busy napkin.

Picking out a Mug Rug designs was tough. Wasn't sure how big I wanted my Rings to be. Did I want my rings to look like I really needed the mug rug or did I want it to be just a fun use of home made fabric. 

Fun fabric won out.

Well this was another great event. I enjoyed it from the beginning and am sure I will continue enjoying it until I view and comment on the last post on the following list.

Thanks again Carla.

Please visit and enjoy all of the posts for No Ring November. Also please have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.