Monday, June 17, 2024


 Tweet, tweet to Joan for organizing another thought provoking hop.  I thought Birds sounded fun and relatively simple.   Fun, yes, but by my own creatively which got out of hand not so simple.

Lets begin with my bird of choice

Yes he is an American Eagle.  I live in The Villages, Fl with about 150,000 other Adults.  We are very heavy into supporting our many veterans around here. The local American Legion is the largest in the world.

The local chapter of HONOR FLIGHT sends 4 flights with about 64 Vets on each flight to Washington, DC each year and 1 Virtual flight.  All for Vets from this area.

Each Vet receives a patriotic themed quilt.  Several different organizations make the quilts including the Quilt Guild of The Villages of which I'm a member.  While any patriotic themed quilt is appreciated  many of the vets prefer a quilt that is Branch Specific. The panel I was asked to work on was for the Navy with  THE BIRD. Such great timing. 

I had an idea of what I wanted to do with this panel.  I'm old school so I took out my graph paper and markers and set to it.  My thoughts started with 3 maybe 4 stars across the top.  Somehow I ended up with 20 stars surrounding the panel.  So I now  had my plan and headed out on vacation.

The problem was that I kinda forgot that this quilt was to be finished for this hop,  Honor Flight doesn't need it until September. It didn't kick in until Joan started sending participant notes to us.

Thankfully I really do my best work under pressure. I started working on it Friday morning and finished it this morning (Sunday).  The friendship stars took a lot longer than I planned on. I really hate trimming up HST's.

I love how it is coming out.  I still need to do the final sew down of the binding and want to add a bit more quilting but if I had to gift it tomorrow I could.

Next up are the birds on my polaroid quilt.   I am getting a lot of milage out of that quilt.  Amazing how diverse it is.

                                                       Hope to see you all next month. 

I am including the full list of this Hops participants. If you haven't visited them yet please do you will be so happy you did.

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