Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Stitching Sunshine

When Carla presented the Stitching Sunshine blog idea I was all in with an empty mind.  I was really excited to come up with something sunshiney/yellow.  Not a color I use often.  The problem I ended up with was that I lost the idea of sunshine and got stuck on the word yellow.

I needed to make a 1st birthday quilt for my great nephew and one morning I woke up with the idea "Yellow Submarine".  2 birds with one stone, right?

this is a close up of the smallest 2.5 inches long and the largest 9.5 inches long
This is also the only picture reflecting the true color of the water.

Each row goes in a different direction and decreases in size.

It was difficult to get all the rows in one shot.

I do have to admit that I love this quilt.  Hope the baby does too. The applique design is by  .    The only minor problem with it is that half way through I realized that it was yellow and as far from sunshine as one could possibly get. 😉

So that was just the excuse I needed to make this postcard.  You know, redeem myself and add "SUN".

Apparently I was on a Beatles memory lane run. 

I had wanted to give Iron On Vinyl a shot on a postcard just to see if it was up to the rigors of the US mail.  I sent it to a friend and am waiting for an analysis of how it did.

Last but definitely not least.  I wanted to make a Birthday Card for a dear friend and figured that while I had all of those scraps out from the appliqued subs I would add her card to this Sunny/Yellow  hop.

My sister is into Iris paper folding and had this great design for the birthday cupcake.

I took the stencil and fudged my way through setting up the Happy Birthday on my Scan N Cut. 

Then I folded glued and taped my fabric to the back. 

No sewing therefore no stitches, so I don't even know if it actually qualifies for this event but I know it will be appreciated by all of you who are so good at doing what you need to do to get the job done.
And Happy Birthday June, hope you got the actual card before reading about it here.

So Thank you Carla for a great idea for making my brain work again while learning to live around this new normal.  

Please stop by and visit the other Sun Shiny participants and enjoy their ideas  and let them know what you think of their wonderful work.  Here is the complete list for your convenience.

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