Tuesday, June 20, 2023

When Pigs Fly Blog Hop

 When Pigs Fly - great idea for a get together with a deadline.  When Joan came out with this title which includes things like PIGS ( projects in grocery sacks ) UFO's ( unfinished objects ) and WIPS     ( works in progress ) I'm sure we all did a little happy dance.  These items are all things we have kept around with the best of intentions but have not gotten them done.  This hop gives us a reason and a deadline, what could be better.  The only problem would be what PIGS, UFO or WIP to choose. If you have 1, you definitely have several to choose from.

I chose 2 right off the top of my head from the many. The first is a memory quilt I made for one of my cousins using her fathers old flannel shirts.  The centers of the stars are the pockets from the shirts.

I got off to a great start but then we couldn't come up with a date to get together  it ended up on a shelf waiting for the binding to be cut and attached.  No reason for me to actually finish it before its actually was going to go to its home. Why?????????????

Now with the proper incentive (thank you Joan) I have things moving right along

And TA DA,  a finished PIG ready for delivery.

Next up,  not quite what I thought.  Last year one of my relatives moved and I thought some quilty goodies for her kitchen would be a nice idea.  

You know, bowl cozies,  jar openers,  matching dish towels etc. etc. etc. I found fabric that I loved that would go with any kitchen, I finished and mailed them and they were well received.  At that same time I decided that my current cozies were looking pretty ragged and could stand to be replaced.  That and as I mentioned I loved the fabric.

 When looking for the cozies that I thought I had started way back then, the ones I thought were cut out and ready for the machine, what I found was the folded fabric, the special batting and the pattern in a baggie.  That actually makes this part of my submission not a UFO but a UFT , an unfinished thought.

This is what I thought I had done,  and where I would start, HA


Since it is  the thought that counts here are my new cozies and while I was at it I made a set for a friend that I had lunch with last week who I hadn't seen in a couple of years.  Her comment was to the effect that her current cozies were just about shot too. Perfect timing.

So this sums up my original plans for this hop but sometimes things happen out of the blue for no reason but fit the times perfectly.  

My quilt group Big Cypress Quilters tries, on a regular basis, to have its members share their talents and skill sets with the other members of the group. This week one of our very talented members Linda, of  flourishingpalms did a class on Kawandi. This is a hand quilting process done in India. Linda's current post gives a  more info on the process with pictures from the class.

3 years ago we both took a ZOOM class on the process.  Linda as of last week has completed 14 Kawandi pieces.  Up until last weeks class I had started 2 and finished 0. 

I was very amazed that I was able to find my starts and take them to class. I was even more amazed that this all came about just before this hop needed to be posted and gave me the incentive to get my larger WIP completed, ya hoo.

So thank you Joan for this great hop and the incentive to get a few things off my shelves or out of a drawer.

Everyone else, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a sweet comment.  Please stop by the rest of the group who are posting their  PIGS, UFO'S AND WIPS.  Here is a convenient list of all of us who are posting this week.

Monday June 19