Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Still plowing away at the king size Swoon  quilt.  Got blocks 8 -9 and 10 completed this week with e#11 laid out on the table and #12 half cut out.  I only need 16 blocks in total so I’m better than half way there.

Not a bad weeks work.  I even figured out how best to store them so that I could see what fabrics I had already used, pretty much at a glance.  The only problem with this storage system is that everything is held together with straight pins.  At the rate I’m going the unifying element of this top will be the trail of blood ; } .   These are shots of blocks 1 thru 8.

I have 2 backs to put together for quilts that have been commissioned.  Once the backs are done I can get them in the mail to the quilter. After that, I think I will get at least number 11 and 12 Swoon done before I go on to my other projects.  I have some Charity blocks I’ve committed to do and my Red, White and Blue blocks for the blog hop to do .  I have ideas down on paper for the RW&B.  It’s just a matter of starting them.  They are only 12 ½ inch square.  They will be done in plenty of time, I'm not scheduled until 7/10.


  1. I am about to start a "Swoon" quilt. I know the blocks are 24 inches, but would they hang together on a skirt hanger?


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