Saturday, November 19, 2016

Time for Giving Thanks

Wow it's almost Thanksgiving.  Plans for dinner are set. Our very long time friends are having us over for the traditional Turkey dinner. Usually I make a hostess gift but they've been our friends for so long that they have at least one of everything I make. I am bringing the green bean casserole but I need to bring something else. Right now I'm thinking of really easy homemade fudge.

The Recipe can be found right here


In the mean time I have been keeping myself busy with several other projects.  The biggest of which I can't post yet.  It's for the Santa Sack Swap.  Needed to make a Sack and 5 gifts over the course of 6 months.  I'm done and they should all be in the mail with a few extras this week.  Just need to wrap all the pieces. Will post pictures once opened by my swap buddy.

I've also entered another postcard swap.  Same story, will be mailing it out this coming week. Can't post pictures until received.

Things I can post pictures of include these fun Para-cord bracelets.

These are for Operation Shoebox. One is included in each of the packed sacks for distribution to active duty members of the armed services.

This is a very mobile project and I have now got the making of the actual bracelets down to about 8 minutes a piece.

I do take some time on the weekend to do some prep work like measuring off the 9 foot pieces of cord and taping the ends which is not included in the 8 minute time.

The last step for completing these bracelets is to cut those tails off by burning them. I can do them for the bracelets I make for me but there are people at the meeting who do this step and I am happy to let them.  I plan on doing about 30 a week and like to have them set up in groups of 5 for travel.

A couple of weeks ago I took the travel bag to a guild charity meeting.  I took them out to work on and the gal across the table and I got to talking. She was working on a project for Christmas boxes for children internationally.

Well I committed to making 100 of them for next year for her. These will be a bit smaller and in fun colors.

Next up are the Susy bags. These little bags measure in at about 5 x 5  with a 36 in. ribbon strap.

They go to the local cancer hospital for women to use after breast cancer surgery.  I believe they are used to manage drainage tubes.

I also am making sacks for Operation Shoebox, they measure in at about 10 x 12.

The top has a channel sewn in for a draw string which someone else in the group inserts before the sacks are filled.

And last up for this post are my zip purses.  I found myself wanting a smaller bag for going out to dinner than the mini knapsack that I generally carry around as a purse .  It just needed to hold my phone, 2 pairs of glasses, my wallet and tissues. It measures in at about 9 x 10 and hangs just below my waist. It's lined and has pockets inside.


We went to dinner with friends to break it in. JB just loved the size. Apparently it's the second pair of glasses that are the problem with smaller bags.  I came home from dinner last night and made this one for her.

So far she loves the picture of it that I sent to her at 10PM. She'll get to test it out tomorrow.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, and a very productive holiday weekend.