Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Picnic Party Blog Hop

 When I hear the term 'picnic" my brain pictures ants and watermelon and blankets on the ground with warm food in a basket.  I don't think I've ever been to that version of a "picnic" so I don't know why it comes to mind.  I grew up in a house where for a picnic we went to the backyard and had food from the refrigerator.  We sat at a picnic table  in the yard or at the kitchen table.

So thank you Carol for having this wonderful event where we can share our experiences with our quilting buddies.

On July 4th we went to a friends house for a barbeque ( doesn't that equal picnic? ) . My type of eating, we sat at a table and had hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on a George Forman with Potato Salad and Cole Slaw from Publix. I actually made the dessert that failed miserably.

The success was the table topper I whipped up.

Yep, slices of watermelon cause it was a picnic.

Since I think Watermelon and Ants I felt the need to bring ants to the party too.  

I did make these also but they are not stitched therefore they don't actually count for this hop.  They are made from the cutest clip art ant I could find and cut form HTV and then were ironed onto paper  napkins.

Well then I needed to add ants officialy to this event.  I found this great design for my embroidery machine that was a perfect fit.  

The problem was that I didn't know what I wanted to do with it.  Table runner or placemat.

Now, I'm running out of time.  The first time I ran the design I didn't have it set securely in the hoop and decapitated my ants.  

?? placemat ??

No big deal except that this design took about an hour to stitch out. I figure that I will need 3 to make a runner and 2 for  placemats not to mention finishing something.

?? tablerunner ??

I think I'm leaning toward the table runner and using the decapitated ants in the center.

I always try and finish my hop projects the weekend before the hop.  This hop kinda snuck up on me because I had a little bit of reality use up my time in a very good way but unexpectedly .

I want to show you what my little bit of reality looks like

This is our newbie, Benny. 
Benny came into our life last month and has been one very energetic addition.
He is a rescue that we think is close to 2 years old. He is extremely nosey.  He wants to be everywhere and do everything and we love him to pieces.
He wants all of the attention I was trying to give to the ants, he won.

Well thanks for visiting and please take the time to visit all of the other wonderful participants in this hop and leave them a good word of encouragement.  Here is the list of all of us.