Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The latest crafting adventure

A couple of months ago I saw a sign for classes for beginner Fused Glass.  I truly had no idea what that meant but curiosity got the best of me. Well actually it got the better of us.  I was running errands with my sister at the time and she got dragged along on the adventure.

The class was broken down into 4, 3 hour sessions.  Going in I thought this was overkill but it turned out to be a great system to get exposure to several different elements of the craft.

We did jewelry,  picture frames, dishes and on the last day we made a fish with some of our left over bits and pieces. This is my fish and it is very boring in contrast to most of the fish in my class.

If we had only done jewelry  I would have dropped the whole glass experience.  While what we did was lovely, I'm not a jewelry person.   My sister on the other hand liked the jewelry and wasn't big on the dishes. 

These are some of my pieces of Jewelry.

My dishes. ( about 5 in across)

My sushi type dish (3.5 x 12 in)

This craft will not take over my quilting obsession.  Glass isn't predictable enough for me and it is very expensive.  I see me doing birthday gifts this year for my crafty friends and then making small pieces for Christmas presents.  I have been experimenting with ornaments and like where that is going,

This is a photo of a couple of the pieces of jewelry I gave a friend for her birthday.  Timing is everything, her birthday was the week I finished up the class.

Another buddies birthday was 2 weeks later.  I had her send me a photo with no explaination.  This is what she got back  for her present.

My most fun creation so far is the birthday cake. One of these went with the picture frame. It is about 1 1/2 x 3 inches.  I added a little frame stand so it can be propped up for display.

Another crafty friends birthday is in December and we decided to move it up so I could surprise her with my new adventure.  This went in the mail to her yesterday. Oops forgot to take  a picture. She did receive them yesterday and she will send pictures for me to add here at a later date. She got a frame, a piece of jewelry and some cake.

It really is fun venturing out of ones comfort zone and trying new things.  You just don't know where the process will lead.