Thursday, January 27, 2022

Polar Plunge - BRRRRRRRR and a mini but warm give away

 I've always been amazed by the people who participate in these Polar Plunge annual events around the country. I have never had any desire to participate at all,  brrrrrrr but I do admire those who do.

When this hop was announced by Joan (thank you, oh creative one) I knew it would be a super creative experiment for one and all. 

What I discovered while coming up with an idea for this event  is that living for the past few years in Central Florida I wasn't really Feeling One with The Polar Air anymore but I did want to do something Polar vs doing something in winter blues.

One of my favorite sources of ideas is Clip Art.  While out there searching I found these adorable models who perfectly depicted the message I wanted to share.  The Florida version of Polar Plunging.

Once I had the idea for the design I had to come up with an idea for its use.  I have used this idea before but at least it isn't my usual fall back mug rug.  This time I'm using the design for a kitchen drying mat.

oops I hadn't done faces yet.

so much cuter 

I have an old friend moving down to Florida this year from the North East and I thought that the mat with a couple of dish towels would be a great welcome to your soon to be new home gift and not to big to add extra boxes to her packing up. Actually she is the one who introduced me to the drying mat concept last year. 

Last minute addition

So living in Central Florida is mild to very warm most of the year.  This week we got down to the 30's and we had lots of frost. Sorry  I didn't get to take a photo Monday morning because it actually looked like a light coating of snow.

But what it did do was give me an idea for another item for this hop, not polar bear but the warm blues.  On Monday morning, yes 3 days ago, when we saw the frost we were on our way to the vets. My car has heated seats but not a heated steering wheel and by the time I got home my gloveless hands were frozen. The best way I could warm them up was using a very, very old rice bag.

It did still do it's job and I was grateful but I decided it really was time to make a new one but then I had a better idea.                                       

I decided that maybe making 2 smaller ones, hand size, would be even better.


                                       Here is the rice bag,  easy access pillow cover front and back

bag half in its cover 

2 completed bags

bag (5 x 5) in my not very big hand 

So on Monday night of this week I whipped out these blue checked ones.  

And on Tuesday night I made this set for a friend of ours who has neuropathy issues in his hands and is always complaining of the cold.  For the record the set takes less than 30 minutes to make. They are made of 100% cotten, inside pillow, washable outside pillow case and all thread with uncooked rice filling so that it is safe to micro wave. They are about 5 inches square.

So now that I have hopefully warmed you up some, please continue  visiting all of the participants of this COOOOOL Hop.  Here is a handy dandy list of all of us for your viewing pleasure.

Oh I almost forgot I have a pair of these to give away.  If you are in the US I will send them finished including rice.  If you are international I will send them without the rice and you will need to fill and add that closing seam.  Just leave a note in your comment that you would be interested in being in the draw that I will be doing on Monday.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Small Kennel Quilts 2022

 I've kicked off my 2022 crafting. I've seen and heard over and over about 100 day challenges and decided to use the concept for myself  to start the year.  

I'm not sure if I want to committ to 1 per day for 100 days  or 100  over ? days.

They are Small Kennel Quilts for animal shelters in areas that are in need as in after the fire in Boulder or the Tornado's in the mid west etc. etc. This link will take you to additional information from Quilt Pattern Mag.  on the national group

In addition this is a 2 for 1 project for me because I am working the tops of these 12 x 18 kennel quilts solely from my scrap bin.  I  found some very large scrap pieces since I'm not one to cut my left overs into traditional sized blocks or stripes.  Trim from backs are amazingly big as in the white and navy polka dots 

So far I'm right on schedule. I tend to do my sewing after dinner. I have my batting and backing cut for the first 10.  Thought that would help keep me on track.  Time will tell.  I'll keep you posted.