Monday, February 17, 2020

Color It Red Blog Hop

I had no problem at all signing up for this hop as I have an amazing amount of red in my scrap and stash bins just begging to be used and this year I wanted to actually make a dent (tee, hee) in both of those collections.

I will begin with an apology.  Sometime in January I saw a woven pin cushion  out there somewhere. I thought it was a great idea and filed it in my memory for a future to do.   

Color me Red sounded like a perfect opportunity for making it.  Pulled the fabric from my scrap bin and couldn't remember where I saw the darn thing.  I did hunt and I am sorry I can't give credit where credit is due.   Thank you Linda for the link to the pattern  The Sewing Loft

So I faked my way through it.

Took some pictures and now realize you can't really see how cute the concept is. The weaving is very loose so you can see the background and use the strips for holding scissors, clips and pins.

So this is the general idea of the pin cushion I saw but hers/his had a much better looking finish on the ends.  Again, so sorry.

In January, I had a give away.  The winner was Colette.
When given the choice of color for me to make her a pouch and key fob she said aqua or RED. she did not put the request in caps, but how perfect a choice was that.

Since I'm not really sure about picking the color Aqua/Teal I made her a best guess pouch and a red pouch because you know, it's Red month.

Well at that point I was covered for this hop. Then The Quilt Guild of the Villages had its BiAnnual quilters Market event where I picked up (among other things) the Creative Grids Scrap Crazy 8" template set.

I was able to turn this top out in 2 days.  The red in the blocks is from scrap.  The border and binding came from stash.  The black/white fabric is new.  My local Quilt shop had a great sale on its wide for backing fabric and I fell in love with this one.  I purchased all that they had. About 9 yards of wide or if you look at it the other way 18 plus yards of 45 wide fabric.  A really big increase to my stash.
Finished the quilting and binding the following weekend (mostly between the adds during super bowl) and now have the second quilt for H2H 2020 ready to go.

This is what happens when you turn your back on a windy day.  This is the picture of the back.

And last but not least

Operation Shoebox (goodie boxes for our troops) sent out a request for sewers who could whip up some of these wine bags that they use for fund raising. They did not supply the wine but they did supply the pre cut fabric and pattern.  Yes they supplied me with RED fabric this week. 

With the fabric chosen and precut the bags only require about 10 -12 minutes each of my sewing/pressing time. I'm now committed to one of packet of 5 pre cuts a week. (so this week, the pack they gave me contains 7 in spring florals. Timing is everything.

So this is just the first day of this hop so kindly brought to you by Carol over at Just Let Me Quilt 
Thank you Carol for coordinating yet another wonderful hopping event.
Please give your self a treat and stop by and visit all of the other hoppers, you will be so glad you did. For your convenience here is a complete list of people to visit this week.

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