Monday, March 22, 2021

                                                     Welcome, welcome, welcome to the


Thank you Carol of Just Let Me Quilt for inviting us all to splash and play in the sand,  sun and salty waters. 

I have 2 new projects made to share with you on this hops opening day.

This hop coincided with the birth of the latest addition to our family.  Our beautiful little girl was born last week.  I asked her mom if she wanted anything in particular for the baby's first quilt.  She picked the quilt pattern LUCKY DUCKS from Cute Quilt Patterns . Absolutely perfect for this hop that she didn't even know was coming.

This is the mama duck.  All of the ducks had 3D bills and wings.  My niece asked that I stitch them down.  So I attached them according to the pattern and then appliqued down the edges. I also appliqued the eyes on.  I personally am not into buttons on quilts for babies and toddlers.

Lighting left a bit to be desired.  The wings are all different shades of yellow to the duck it's on but the same as one of its siblings bodies. 

My second project was based on a tutorial I found on  Sew Can She  a couple of weeks ago for a "quilt as you go " technique that I had never tried.  It consists of using strips of fabric, the tutorial used 2.5 inch strips of fabric and strips of batting and you end up with a quilted reversible quilt.  Click on the link, her explanation and video are very clear.  

I wasn't ready to commit to a whole quilt.  Not one to waste an opportunity I decided that if I did a test piece  using 6 strips of fabric for the front and 6 different strips for the back I could test the technique and make a set of placemats by just cutting the sample in half. 

Can't believe that I have no picture of the base strips sewn together , DuH.

Since I didn't have a home in mind for these placemats pulling fabric started out kind of iffy and then I tripped over these turtles hanging out in my stash begging to come out and play.

                              and remembered the theme of this hop and ta da sky, Sand, and Salt.  

I used 2 strips of each color for the front of the placemats and used alternating strips for the back.


                                       The flip side will be wonderful for summer barbeques.


Over the course of the past year I did complete 2 other quilts that I feel fit this hop perfectly.  The first one was made for the big brother of the newbie's birthday.  

I believe that these subs are hanging out in a lot of Salt water.

Then there was this cutie that I saw and had to have my tumbler fish fix.  I realize it's not quilted but that is intentional.  It went to an organization in Canada that takes quilt tops and finishes them up there for various charities.  They would rather that our shipping costs go to getting tops to them than for batting and backings.  I love that concept.

So there you have my visions of Salt and Sun. I hope you have enjoyed your visit here and that you will find the time to visit all of the rest of the participating quilters who will be sharing their wonderful Sunny and Salty ideas with you this week. Here is a list of links for all of us for your convenience.

March 22