Sunday, May 29, 2022

Hands 2 Help 2022 for the LInky Party

 Another year of sharing our love of quilting with people who need quilty hugs is done.  No matter what is going on in my life I feel an overwhelming need to participate in this annual event. 

This year I decided I could be a bit more productive if I brought out some of my UFO's and got them to the finished stage. It was kind of scary that I had more than enough UFO tops to send one to each group on the list and then one to a local quilt group collecting quilts for Ukraine. 

Here are the photos I took of the 6 of them.  

This one  went to the Ukraine collection. I forgot to take a picture of it completed.

I haven't labeled them by group except for the one going to Canada. This one is intentionally incomplete.

 This one I specifically made for a hop earlier this year choosing RWB because one of the groups requested some quilts for their Vets.

My intention is to get them all out in the mail this week.  
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Foodie Blog Hop - Oh Yum

This turned out to be a very productive hop for me so thank you    Carla from over at Creatinthesticks  for coming up with this great idea.  When I saw the name of this hop I thought it would be a great reason for me to route through my food based novelty fabrics.  I wasn't sure if I had any or not but I did assume I must have some somewhere.  Found these so I knew I had a jumping off point.

About the same time as I was thinking about expanding the search I went to a meeting of one of the craft based groups I belong to who do lots of work with organizations with needs.  This month one of the groups was in need of pillow cases.  Our group had pre cut fabric and instructions waiting for those of us who were machine sewers.  I took fabric for 3 cases and the instruction sheet.

Well the instruction sheet they handed us made for some very, very boring plain pillow cases. I made 2 their way and decided to go hunt down  a better version.  Over the years I have made well over a dozen of the pillow cases with the contrasting edge. In my folder of links to tutorials I found it.

Crafty Gemini's Burrito Pillow Case

Yes, most definitely FOOD

Well with the fabric I got from the group the first go round I made 2 boring pillow cases and 2 Burrito Pillow cases ( with a little help from my stash ) Then with a little more help from my stash I whipped out 2 more.  

Turned them in at the next meeting and found out the group was a bit short on their commitment so I made  2 more.  

Then celebrated the completion of 2 projects by going out with a friend for a Mexican lunch (tee hee ).  

I hope you are enjoying the hop so far and will continue to acquire more ideas over the next couple of days . Here is a list of everyone participating, remember there are no calories in these posts.