Sunday, March 30, 2014

Black, white and Grey quilt - DONE

I'm done, I'm done. Hip, hip Hooray !!!!!

I have been working on this quilt physically for about a month but mentally since before Christmas.  It feels so good to have it finished. Tomorrow it will be delivered to the tween who requested it last year.

Sorry about the dark picture but it's raining here and quite dreary inside and out.

She requested a black and white based quilt with some animal prints.  She is also into sneakers.  Ta Da.

I squiggle quilted using all of the seam lines as guides in a blue grey .  I love the design that popped up in the white.

I also love the backing that was picked out by the Tween's grandmother.  For being so bright it is rather dark. I think I will need to go out and get some for myself.

This shot is after it's been washed and dried made all snuggly. Its now all ready to be popped into it's bag. 

While the rain continues to be dreary on the outside it is wonderful weather for crafting.  Not only did I finish this quilt, I finished my flag on a stick for my Hop posting on Wednesday and another helmet liner.

Have a happy week.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

PostCards - Hats and an almost Quilt Top

I received these 2 lovely "SPRING " themed post cards this week.

The Sunflowers are from Marie

and the sweet birds on the branch are from Fiona.

Both of these talented ladies are from Australia, so my post cards have some heavy duty mileage on them.  You would never know.  They both arrived unscathed. They actually look like they could have been hand delievered.

These are the postcards I designed and sent to them in return.  We all were participating in a SPRING THEMED post card swap organized by Sheila over at........
Thanks Sheila for another wonderful event.

I also whipped up these chemo caps for the local hospital.  I noticed that I had primarily been making hats for girls so I figured I would make a couple for the boys.

Next up on my todo list is this quilt top.  I just have to add the final border and make a back and quilt it. I need to get it at least as far as sandwiched by tomorrow night. I'm headed for the quilt room as soon as I hit the publish button.
Have a great week.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Great weekend of hats and blocks

I had another very productive weekend.  I found a new pattern I wanted to try for some chemo caps. I found it on Ravelry.  It is called Olivia's Butterfly. I know this is a strange photo but I had a very hard time getting a picture of the butterfly detail.

While I can knit I do knit rather slowly.  Crocheting on the other hand is a game a play with myself where I want to beat my own best time. It does make for a very productive adventure. 

Is this the cutest hat ever.  You can change the size by adding a row or two in the middle or changing your hook size.  I found the pattern at lunch time on Friday. 

I managed to make 2 Friday night,

2 on Saturday

and another on Sunday night after making 12 of these  blocks in the afternoon.

Glutton for punishment that I am, I made another one tonight same as the last one, just couldn't take another photo of them.  For some perspective, the largest of these hats fits my head.  They take me between an hour and an hour and a half to do.

I need to stop crocheting for a while because I have 3 quilting projects with deadlines due in the next 3 weeks and a couple of BOMs for this month that I haven't started yet.

Have a great week.