Monday, October 23, 2023

Monster Mash Hop

 I love Halloween most of all.

Welcome to Day 1 of the Monster Mash Hop

There was no doubt in my mind that I would be participating in this hop from day 1 back in January.

As I unboxed my Halloween goodies this year I found some interesting items such as this unfinished mini wall hanging which I did finish but forgot to take a starting photo.  It only needed to  be quilted and bound.

And then there was this piece which I think I stitched last year with no real goal.  Still no goal but maybe a jumping off point for next years Hop.

Then I found a black work table runner that I did last year or the year before and decided that I would really like a couple of black work hand towels from a couple of my favorite designs used in the table runner. 

The designs are from Kreative Kiwi Embroidery  and are free.

As an aside, one of our favorite Halloween events is the annual Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. We go pretty much every year,  Several years ago I made this tee shirt and trick or treat bag just for this event.  

Disney gives you a cute little paper sack and lots of spots for getting treats. I love the trick or treating part of the event the best .  This is a picture of my efforts this year, 7 pounds of candy. 

 I am obsessed with getting my monies worth. The cost of  tickets for this event are ridicules. What's really ridicules is that I'm not much of a candy person.  I have shared some with my neighbors and friends and the bulk of it will be donated  to a local group.

Every year when Reese's comes out with their holiday versions of the peanut butter cup I grab a couple of bags, one for my house and one for my sister. A couple of weeks ago, one of the groups I'm with decided to work on making zip bags from candy bags.  I haven't done one in a couple of years and this hop and the Reese's Halloween pumpkins paired up nicely.

When trimming the bag for sewing you cut off the purple trim.  I took a piece of the purple trim and made it the zipper pull for the Peanut Butter colored zipper.

Last but probably most fun are my ghosts.  

Earlier this month on the Bernina site    nicole daksiewicz     did a tutorial on making these supper simple, supper cute ghosts.  

 I believe they are supposed to be coasters.  Since I was using left over rope from previous projects, my ghosts vary a bit in size as I used up stray pieces of rope. The design makes 2 ghosts at a time and if you have any experience sewing rope you can probably knock a set out in under a half hour.  And if you have no experience maybe the first set will take you 45 minutes.  I think in total I made 7 sets, they were very popular and in demand. 

I really liked mine on my front door with my spider web welcome, but I do have a set handy for my morning coffee.

So Big, Big thanks to Joan for sharing this event with us again this year.  I loved participating and I know I'm going to enjoy each and every thing the members of this group will be sharing and that I will be adding to my To Do list .  I'm listing them all of the participants for your viewing pleasure.  

Have a Spooktacular holiday.