Saturday, December 29, 2018

November post just a tad late

Imagine my surprise when I opened up blogger to do a post Christmas write up only to find I never published my post Thanksgiving write up.  So I think I'll just publish that one and do post Christmas next week

From this point on written 11/25/18:

I have absolutely positively no idea where the month of November went.  I'm eating left over turkey so I'm relatively sure Thanksgiving came and went. I had house guests for the holiday so thankfully the left overs are at a minimum.  I kept a little of the main course and most of the dessert which is all gone now.

Oh well,  I have been busy with quilty projects and a couple of quilty classes. Most of these are Christmas related so I can't post those pictures yet.

In the Pick A Pumpkin Blog Hop post I included a table runner and placemats.  A friend saw them and asked if I could make a couple of sets with a horse theme for a charity event she was involved with.

I think it took longer to find  a piece of fabric with horses on it than it did to make them.

One of the classes I took was a beginner hexie class.  I have tried hexies before on several different occasions but never stick with it.  This one is no exception, this time I think it was the timing of the class running into the holiday sewing and it has already been shelved. I've left it in a spot I can see so maybe I'll pick it up again after Christmas. This is a picture of the goal not my work

Or maybe not since my Christmas / Birthday present to me this year is the Baby Lock Solaris embroidery machine.  It's on order and should be here any day now.  I have never done machine embroidery before, this will be an entirely knew experience totally out of my comfort zone. All positive encouragement will be gladly accepted.

approx 4 in across
3.5 in high 
3/4 in deep

I made a gazillion of these tiny pouches for several different holiday events. Gazillion translates to just over 50 in case you were wondering. They were all made from Christmas Scraps

 The pattern is The Tinkalong Pouch Sewing Pattern the pattern is for the 2 larger pouches, to get to the tiny one she suggests taking the smaller of the two patterns down to 65%, it works like a charm.

I also started making a Mondo bag for my sister for Christmas.  Of course I skipped over parts of the instructions and will have to work on restitching the handles on in the correct way.  They are just enough off center to drive me crazy.  I really hate being the cause of my own problems.

I also managed a sweet pin cushion

and a Hanukkah card both based  on patterns from Minki Kim's new book Diary in Stitches 

Off now to work on Christmas before I get sidetracked with  the arrival of my new toy.

Wish me Luck