Sunday, June 3, 2012

Small Project Sew Along Finale

This is a  photo of an item not on my list of things to do in the Small Project Sew Along that was hosted by Amanda Jean

The original list looks something like this:

1 - Green and Yellow quilt for H2H                                            Completed and mailed

2 - 1600 Jelly Roll quilt for H2H                                                 Completed and mailed

3A - Small zip purse                                                                    Completed and delivered

3B - Another small purse                                                             Completed and delivered

3C - A third zip purse                                                                   Completed and delivered    

4 Tailor a pair of pants for a friend                                              Completed

5 - Bind the Swoon Quilt                                                             Completed and delivered 

6 - Bind the Granny Square quilt for my Sister                           Not even touched

7 - Finish Log Cabin Blocks                                                        Not even touched

8 - At least 1 Harrison and Hannah block                                    Not even touched

Additions to the list

9 - Large Carry All for a friend                                                   Completed and delivered

10 -  Red, White & Blue blocks for Beth at                                Completed and mailed  for a quilt for her local VA Hospital

11 - My traveling socks                                                               Did a couple of inches

This was a great idea and mostly kept me on target so a Big Thanks to Amanda Jean.

I did have a couple of issues that got in my way.  First and foremost is that the last 3 items on the original list had no deadlines other than this Sew Along.  Not enough of a pull when these other things presented themselves.
Beth put out a request for 12 inch Red,White and Blue blocks that she would put together for her local VA Hospital. Got 3 of them whipped up and in the mail and forgot all about taking photos of them.

A friend asked if I could whip up a Carry All like the one I made for my sister last summer only larger.  The picture above is of my sister's bag.  I used the same prequilted fabric and made the new bag about 3 inches wider and 4 inches taller and with lots of interior pockets. Gave it to her and yet again forgot to take a picture.

Then  last but not least we went away for the last few days of the month and out came the traveling socks.     I generally keep a small bag in my tote that contains yarn, my circular needle and pattern for a pair of socks.  Over the course of the year I generally get a pair done while on the road.  I did a couple of inches of the top of the second sock this trip.  I'm ready to turn the heal.  I will probably finish the heal before I toss them back into the suitcase. The heal takes a bit of concentration that I don't generally have when I travel.

So that's my month in review. I'm rather proud of my accomplishments.

If you are new to my blog you can see most of the completions fo the month by scrolling through my postings for the month.
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  1. wow!!! you have been a very busy girl!!

  2. Great achievements for the month - what is planned for June?

  3. You have made an awful lot in one short month! including those off the list projects! Love that bag.
    So, what next?


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