Friday, April 15, 2016

Home again Home again - Jiggity jig

Got back late last night from a 9 day vacation with my sister. We went back to NJ to visit with many friends and family.  One of the reasons we left NJ was the winter cold.  We thought that going back in April was a good idea. HA.  We spent a few minutes is a sale bin at the local Walmart and found these for $2 a pair.

I had a lot of fun visiting with old friends.  We had a lot of show and tell
P made the scrubby for me and gave me the left overs to make another. I saw the green in Micheals and picked it up, you know just in case I couldn't find any in FL.

I caught up with my friend P for breakfast and then a trip to one of our favorite yarn shops.  
I found these 4 skeins on sale and figured they would be happier with me than in the bin.

Ended up back at P's house where I gave her a quick class on making rope coasters. She made 2 on her own before I left.
Left her and went to my nieces to have a late Easter family dinner.  My sister wanted to bring something to do with her grand son so we picked up a parachute cord bracelet making kit. We made this one before we went so she had an idea what she was heading into.  This was the test. Not bad for a couple of beginners. He didn't miss the Pink set.

While we were in Michaels picking up the bracelet kit. I picked up some yarn to make a few hats for Angel Snug while we had down time at the hotel.

Also in my down time I tried to keep up on my Quilty 365 circle blocks.  Gone 9 days, home with 8 finished blocks.

On our way to meet an old friend for lunch I  took sissy to one of my favorite quilt shops, Pennington Quilt Works in Pennington, NJ.    I picked up this group of fat quarters that I have some tentative plans for.

Couldn't pass up on this little pack of 2.5 inch squares

Or this yardage of 4 fabrics from the remnant room

Met another friend for lunch and went to another quilt shop.  Found these fabrics in their remnant room. The gears are Riley Blake from 2013.  Got 5 yards at $4 a yard. CaChing. 

I also picked up two specialty rulers which I forgot to photograph.

In summation we ate well, we visited with 8 family members and 7 old friends.  I had 2 bagels, a pork roll sandwich and fried chicken. None of which can we find in Florida that we like as well. Purchased so much craft stuff that I had to mail a box of it home.

All in all a wonderful trip any way you slice it.