Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Batch of Rice Bags

 My dear MIL is back in NJ from Florida for the summer. I got an email this afternoon letting me know that she left her rice bag in Florida and she really would like it if I could make one for her and bring it to the family picnic on Sunday.

My thinking is that there will be at least 5 families at the picnic. It would be tacky for me to just bring one for her and have her tell everyone how wonderful it is.  It was just easier to make them before she shamed me into making them for everyone else.  The link above is for the tutorial to make the rice bags that I worked up last December for Sew We Quilt.

The tutorial was made using larger pieces of fabric to start which made the project fly.  I used left overs for this project. I swapped a tiny bit of speed for cleaning out some flannel stash.

The best part of the tutorial is that for the first time I made these bags without the guessing of the size fabric to cut and all my tips were there from the get go.

I made 7 and I'm pretty sure there won't be any left to bring home.   They are such a fun quick gift.  Between 7 and 9:30 this evening  I whipped up 7 rice bags and walked the dog.


  1. Great idea to make several rice bags to take care of the "Oooo... I want one too!" thing!

    I made some last winter for "foot warmers" for the grandbabies... and ended up having to make some for their parents as well.

  2. These are such a wonderful gift, for all ages. I love mine, which I made from your tutorial last year. Thanks again

  3. Nice idea...thanks for linking your tutorial..I missed it the first time...


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