Saturday, December 31, 2011

We have a winner

Congratulations to Linnea who is the winner of the giveaway tied to my Rice Bag tutorial.  I have sent her an email for her address.  I hope to be sending her a Rice Bag, 1/2 yard of Moda brushed cotten and 1/2 yard of muslin and maybe some other little goodie or another.

Thank you all for your warm comments on my tutorial.  I so appreciate you all.

Have a wonderful New Year,  stay healthy, stay safe and stay happy.   Selina

Friday, December 30, 2011

Another Christmas Present

Another Christmas gift finished and delivered.  Only 2 more to finish and deliver, one by next weekend and the other sometime in January.  Can't post those yet since both of the recipients are readers.

This gift is the 1600 quilt I started a couple of months ago.  I posted about it  here in September  The problem with making a top that far in advance of the holiday and knowing from the get go to whom it is going is that in my mind it was a done deal.  Well two weeks before Christmas I realized it really wasn't a done deal and it needed quite a bit of work before it could be wrapped. Things like a back and quilting and binding. You know, the little things, mere details.

Sorry but I don't know how to rotate the pictures.

What I did discover once the quilt was complete is that I think I like the back of this quilt more than the front.  I am very partial to polka dots so maybe that's what is doing it for me. 

If you haven't tried a 1600 quilt yet I can tell you that it is great fun. Instructions for doing one are all over blogland. I didn't compete with anyone but myself and I still enjoyed it. I also didn't use a Jelly Roll but cut my 40, 2 1/2 in strips  myself because I wanted a black and white top and couldn't find a Jelly like that.  I think my next one will be made from my scrap bin.

Enjoy the weekend and stay safe.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas morning here in NJ. I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas Day and a wonderful holiday season.

I finished up the last of the Christmas day delivery gifts last night at 10:55.  I still have 3 more gifts to finish but I won't see the recipients until later in the week so I have some time.  Yesterday was a wonderful day, I love the hussel bussel of the day.  On general principals I need to do some last minute shopping just to be part of the excitement. 

I spent most of the afternoon and evening working on this great quilt based on the stitchery patterns from for her Christmas banner.

I loved the redwork.  The banner had 7 patterns and I needed 9 so I pulled pieces of the center block and created the name blocks on either side of it.  This quilt is for a niece and her finacee.  Now that his name is in stitches she is not allowed to change her mind.

Now on tto the back.  Thanks to all of you influencial folks out there in blogland I no longer am able to just plop a plain ole piece of fabric on the back of anything.

Ok now one very, very important addition to this posting.

Tomorrow I am doing my very first tutorial. So cool.  I will be posted on
Please stop by and visit me there.  I will be having a tutorial related give away at the end of the week.

Again , please have a very Merry and Safe Holiday.  Hugs, Selina

Monday, December 12, 2011

gifts for the group

We have 14 coworkers in out group.  P and I try to give everyone something small to celebrate Christmas. Most years there is some home made item included.  We generally start putting some cash away every week starting July 1. Then around Thansgiving we figure out what we are going to do based on the number of staff members we have.  This year we decided on gift cards for Dunkin Donuts.

Well of course we couldn't just give them gift cards.  So I whipped up 14 Rice Bags.  Some of the staff received Rice Bags for Christmas several years ago and I have heard suttle comments about how old they were getting.

Then we needed gift bags for the rice bag and gift card.

I didn't realize how much Christmas fabric I had in my stash.  Some of it I don't even remember purchasing.  It does make for a great bag.  I made the bags large enough for them to be used for something like wine bottles.

I made P a sweat shirt with a pouch.  Well I purchased the swear shirt and added a holiday pouch to the front like on a hoodie. If you see my blog of 12/5 I have the one I made for me and another friend posted.  It's really a simple process and it adds so much to an everyday sweat shirt.  I added a white turtle neck and it makes a super gift. Try it you'll love it.

Tomorrow is gift day at the office.  I hope all are pleased.

I will be doing a tutorial on December 26 for the rice bags at

Friday, December 9, 2011

Ta Da

They are done, all 3 of them are completely done.

I started them in August and so many other projects had to be done in between.  You know a couple of swaps, the Ghastly Blog Hop and ever so many brilliant ideas I tripped over while blogging that had to be tried immediately if not sooner.

These are for MJ's nephew's families for Christmas.  In the past I have only made baby quilts for their families and I decided I needed to do something else.  I designed these snowmen for a a guild project several years back and figured they would be perfect.  The same and yet just slightly different.

They will go out in the mail tomorrow. Woo Hoo

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Presents Delievered

This is coming to you from Disney World.  We are have been having a great time with some friends and family. Sadly they all left this morning but we made the best of our time together.

I am now able to post about a couple of gifts I made for my friend J for Christmas.  She reads my blog so posting pictures in advance was a no no. Actually she saw a gift for another friend and she was wondering if it was hers or not.

I particiapated in a quilt along in October and the end result was this table runner for J's home.

When I participated in The Ghastlie Blog Hop I jazzed up a sweatshirt with a customized pocket/pouch and thought it would make a great Christmas present if I used a seasonal fabric for the pocket.

Here we are modeling. Not the greatest of pictures but you get the idea. We were rushing off to a parade and fireworks.

My birthday is at the end of the month.  When we all get together we celebrate the birthdays that are the closest. It was my turn.

We're now off to enjoy more of our time here in Sunny Florida.  Back to Jersey on Thursday.

Take care.