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Merry Christmas (in July) Ho,Ho, Ho and a chance at a small Christmas gift

Welcome to the Christmas in July Blog Hop, joyfully brought to you by Carol over at Just Let Me Quilt . Another gathering of merry quilters wanting to share Christmas ideas with you in time for you to whip up a few for friends and family by Christmas in December. Thanks so much Carol for coordinating this event.

This is my second Christmas in July hop this year.  This one is Totally different than the last. This one is 15 + interpretations of the same item. Hopefully giving you some ideas for a quick and easy gift. Sorry but it is a little picture heavy.

It started with a conversation with a quilting buddy who is an Honor Flight Guardian.  She supports her guys throughout the year.  She mentioned that she was going to have a Christmas luncheon for 7 - 9 of them and their quests and was looking for an idea for a small token gift.

I suggested Mug Rugs +,  you know a mug with a mug rug and some treats and maybe hot chocolate or tea. We thought we would start them in the fall. Obviously I don't wait well and prompted by this hop, off I ran with the idea.

I love Mug Rugs. I think I love them because they come without rules.

There are no size constraints,

they can be bound or not,

 square or rectangular.

They can be plain (sorry I don't do plain ) or busy.

 They can be reversible or not, this is a picture of several of the backs

pieced, appliqued, or stitched.

A truly blank canvas to create on.

After a couple of lame starts we decided that what I would use as bare bones guidelines would be something with a Christmas front and a RWB back .  As close as I could get to no rules.

I had a few ideas floating around in my head and a few stray blocks that have been started and never finished and a couple of ideas that I found drawn in my notebooks.

I used a couple of blocks to practice some machine quilting, this one around the ornaments is an example

I had been working on my scrap votex quilt so I had a lot of scraps out and about begging to be included, added on as backings, borders or bindings or as the main focus of the rug.

So I assume that by now you have a great idea for a quick and easy gift for pretty much anyone.  Add a mug and some fixins and you can make a gift for any price range you may need. Toss in a gift card.  Make a Zippered pouch it can be tucked into.  Just have fun with it.

One last thing.  I had my sister stop by to check all of these mug rugs out and explained to her what I was aiming at.   She started to go through the stack of stuff I was using and found 2 stitched pieces that were going to be post cards last year or the year before and a machine stitched piece I had done a few months ago.    Before she left she had me do all 3 of them into mug rugs for her.

Thanks for hanging in there and I hope I gave you an idea or 2.  If you leave a comment I will be happy to send you one of these cuties. I'll pick a name on the 28th and you can tell me which one you might like (excluding my sisters, they are already long gone).  I will be happy to ship internationally.

Please take a few minutes and visit all of the other participants.  It will be so worth your while.

Wishing One and All a Very Merry Christmas

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Tumbling Toward Christmas - Christmas in July Blog Hop and Giveaway

Please come Tumble toward Christmas with me.
My latest obsession, Tumbler Blocks

Welcome to Christmas in July.  Many thanks to Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict who is the  wonderful coordinator of this event, and if you visit her there you will find a fun Quilt Along to Go with the theme.

When this hop was first announced I thought it would be a great time to finish up this scrappy Christmas quilt that I started this past December before it had a chance to become a UFO.

I pulled it out and found that it only needed to be quilted.  Very odd, I even had it sandwiched which for me is the worst part of the quilting process.  So quilt and bind it I did.

I found out 2 things, 1st I found the reason for the status of the quilt, here is a close up of the reason.  Can you see the tiny stitches in this shot

I apparently was going to hand quilt it.  This is all I did before it got packed away. I only found the hand quilted block when I was machine quilting around it.

The 2nd thing is that I really, really do love tumbler blocks.  I had made a couple of tumbler quilts  and a couple of sets of placemats  in the not to distant past, and  I had started this quilt which just reignited this mini fire. is what else I whipped up for Christmas with tumbler blocks in the last month and a half (so far, pretty sure I'm not really done yet and I have 5 months to go)

A set of placemats

The quilt and the placemats were made using the Missouri Star 5 inch Tumbler Template which was designed to fit perfectly on a charm as well as a 5 inch strip of fabric. Oh by the way that giveaway mentioned in the Header,  I am sending the winner The Missouri Star 5 inch Template

Yes, it is backward in the photo.  It comes with a protective paper backing on its front. 
I want to share the obsession.  Honestly this is a great block to work with.  They also make a 2 1/2 inch version that also works well with precuts.

A mug rug

The mug rug was made using the Accuquilt Go 3 inch die.

And so far my favorite, a Christmas Wreath

Not sure if it will be a table topper

Or a wall hanging

Yes they are tumblers, hind sight says I shouldn't have rounded out the points so much but in the third picture I have pins pointing to the seams so you can pick out the individual tumbler blocks.

I don't own the Accuquilt machine and dies, they were borrowed from my guild chapter and a couple of generous chapter members

If you are interested in more of my tumbler obsession check out my previous post. The second half of it is pretty much all tumblers.

Well I hope you have had fun on this stop of the Christmas in July Hop.  The other presenters in the hop are listed below for your ease in visiting. I am positive you will find great ideas for the upcoming holidays in their posts.

Oh, I will be participating in another Christmas in July Hop in a couple of weeks, please stop by and see what else I've been up to (mostly non tumbler related) see the button upper right,

Thanks so much for stopping by and please, have a Very Merry Christmas. 

Oh yeah, to have a chance at the Template just leave me a comment.  No problem if you are international, I'll pick a name on the 27th.

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Seriously, July 4th already

Wow another 2 weeks gone and I don't know where they went.  Missed my mamogram appointment on Wednesday because I thought I had another week to go in June.  They were understanding, I got it done on Monday.

Oh well, looking back, I have been busy. My sister needed to take her dog to NJ and although she (the dog, not my sister) weighs in at 10 pounds she is rather leggy. So that she could be a bit more comfortable on the plane we designed and whipped up a doggie tote.

We designed it so that the sides could unclip and give her a few inches of stretch room for those legs.

It worked. I,m really sorry I didn't get a picture of her in it.

I also made Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts  Easy as Pie Quilt using the tutorial in the link.  It is a great scrap buster. I need to put some time aside to get it quilted.

I'm also working diligently on my Christmas in July blog hop contributions. No Photos yet.  I'm gonna be way ahead on my Christmas quilting commitments because I'm not only participating in one C in J hop, no, I'm in 2.  Check out those buttons to the right.

I took a great improv class and as soon as I get caught up on several other projects I'll finish it.

I made several Small Kennel Quilts for the Franklin County, Florida Humane Society for small Animals displaced due to wild fires.

playing with tumbler blocks

And this weekend our guild chapter had a whole day sew in.  We got together from 10 AM to 9 PM.  We all brought something to share for lunch and then ordered in pizza for anyone who wanted dinner.
Great way to spend the day. Great fun, good people.

I have been on a tumbler kick lately and I got this pattern from MSQ that I wanted to make at the sew in.  Our chapter has an Accuquilt Cutter and one of the members loaned me her Tumbler Cutting Die for a 6 1/2 block. Making this a quick and easy project.

It measures in at 41 x 56

I decided that if I had more time I would like to make my big star quilt in RWB.  This is how far I got with that. without borders is's a 36 inch square

Just in case I got both of those tops done or I got bored I brought along the parts to start making a rug. This is how far I got with that idea.

Didn't even open the box.

So when one of the gals in the guild saw how obsessed I was with tumblers she lent me her 3 1/2 inch tumbler die for the accuquilt cutter.  I had the cutter in my possession until noon on Tuesday. So from Sunday am till Monday pm armed with 2 tumbler block dies I produced a few blocks

same pile different angle, I think these should hold me for awhile

I've already started using some of these

This one is made with the smaller blocks and a modified setting so it could hang down.  This piece measures in at 20 x 28

It's currently taped to the front door
Once I get it finished this is where it will hang.

Until the 14th when I do my first Christmas in July hop, (Hint, hint my post will contain a few more tumbler blocks :-} ) enjoy the holiday and summer. Stay safe and have fun