Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Show Your STRIPES Blog Hop

Welcome, welcome, welcome.  I'm so glad to be participating in yet another friend filled hop organized by Carla from Creatin In The Sticks  Thanks so much Carla.

I have, to say the least, had a very challenging couple of weeks.  On Super Bowl Sunday I had a zoom sew in scheduled with some quilting buddies.   I planned to complete project #1 and start / complete project #2 for this hop.  Instead, very early on I used my rotary cutter to slice into my left pointer finger nail bed instead of my fabric. More than anything else it was a bleeder. A bleeder to the extent that Michael decided I needed to go to the emergency room.     I am going to spare you the photos.    

Due to the size of the bandage covering the padding they needed (clotting/glue pad) to use I was not able to comfortably/safely use my sewing machine or rotary cutter.

Well I had wanted to make a table runner for Easter and I really didn't see why I couldn't make it totally without the machine.  I was more than capable to use my scissors, ruler/yard stick, pencil, needle and thread.  After all that's what I used when I started to quilt oh so many years ago.

The seams between the 5 blocks were the most challenging

All my stripes were hand appliqued in place.

I did get my improv striped runner done excluding the quilting by Sunday the 21st excluding most of the quilting.  I did quilt in the ditch between the 5 blocks just so I could get the binding done.
The binding is the backing rolled to the front and hand stitched down eliminating the need to fake another seam by hand.
My kitchen table is rather long and narrow. The runner is 5 foot long and 1 foot wide.

Project #2 was started right after this hop was announced.  I wanted to do something different. I decided I wanted to make a very subtle striped design on a piece of fabric.   

I love this stuff.  I purchased it originally from Harbor Freight with a coupon for under $10.  Yeah that's a lot of fabric for that money.   I wanted it for a table cloth for a picnic.  It washed up and ironed beautifully.   After the picnic I cut out the parts with the red wine stains and started to use the left overs for odd things, Pin Cushions, Mug Rugs, Totes and Zip Pouches, etc. I've machine embroidered and stamped on it .

I pick one up every time I notice them on sale or have a coupon.

I took a piece of the cotton canvas and 

added a built in machine stitch that gives the fabric a stripped effect. 

The problem was I didn't exactly know what I wanted to do with it.  I finally determined that what I wanted was a shopping bag.  Well on Sunday the 21st I plugged my machine back in for the first time in 2 weeks and started the bag using a food store bag as a rough guide.  Mine is way bigger.

Just how much fabric could this hold, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

At the very last minute I remembered to add the stipes to the handles.

Yeah I  know I could have finished the quilting of the table runner but I really wanted to have 2 items in the hop and Easter is still a month away and the fabric was sewn and half cut.  

My finger is doing very well. Using the machine was fine since I'm down to a simple band aid but I still can't put much pressure on the finger tip so I'm not using the rotary cutter yet.  Maybe next week.

Lesson learned.  I hate doing stupid stuff when I have no one to blame but myself. Very annoying.


When I went out into the garage to take this picture I found I had several packages of the Cotton Canvas. For my giveaway I will be sending to someone in the USA (sorry but international mail is cost prohibitive) the package in the picture.  Just leave a note in the comment section that you'd like to be included in the draw that will be picked on Monday, March 1.

Here is the entire list of everyone who is participating in this event.  If you haven't visited those who posted on Monday and Tuesday, please do.   So many great ideas.


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Thanks for stopping by and thanks for any notes you may leave.  See you next time.