Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Where Flowers Bloom - Blog Hop

Where to begin?  Best to start with a great big Thank You to Carla who can be found at   Creatin' In The Sticks     for all the work involved in coordinating this 5 day EVENT. Then a thanks to all of the participating quilters who make this happening an EVENT.

Ok, so on to my offerings.

Over the years I have made lots of quilts with stars and hearts and trees but not much in the way of flowers.  Yeah, I have used floral material but not much flower construction.

A couple of mug rugs

A doll quilt

And my most favorite, these tulips

So when this hop came up I never gave it a thought not to accept the invitation. I must admit that  for me it turned out to be a bit of a challenge I hadn't expected.

I had a commitment out there for another doll quilt so that was where I started.

It just doesn't do anything for me.  Yes, it met the criteria for the hop but didn't pop for me.

So on to try #2. I had seen this funky flower using hexies that I thought I would give a try.  These placemats  would probably have been fine if I picked the background fabric during the day and not in the wee hours of the morning with bad lighting and a sleep deprived brain.  Actually looking at this picture taken on a sunny morning the green lightens up a good bit, maybe I'll use them on the lanai (probably not) 

Good thing that I really like the fabric I choose for the back because that will probably be how I use them.

And then it came to me.  I went back in time and low and behold my brain had a light bulb moment and screamed at me "Flower Power".    I googled flower power and found lots of fun ideas. Then I rummaged deep down in my stash for this cool tie dyed, kinda flowery fabric I've been hoarding for forever.

So here it is, my Flower Power Back Pack.  I love it.

Here's a look at the inside which I have constructed to be reversible if I so desired ( just had to add the bottom loops for the cord and finish off the bottom more neatly than my norm).

The reversibility was just a test. I wouldn't reverse this particular bag because I wouldn't want to damage my flower and peace sign with all of the junk I shove in my bag on a daily basis.

Well thank you so much for stopping by and joining me on this journey.  Please take a few minutes and visit with all of the other quilters participating in this hop.

 OH Yea, if Google is still being a pain in the butt, Thank you to all who have left a comment.  I will try and get back to you but we all know how that's going.

Here is a list of links for one and all of the participants just to make the trip a little easier for ya.

 so for now
 - PEACE -

Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop Schedule

Friday, June 15th

Friday, June 1, 2018

Quilts for the Twins

Last week was Wish Upon A Star Blog Hop Week.  On Tuesday morning one of the posts that I read was Days Filled With Joy where Joy posted a Quick Star Tutorial.  The tutorial is for a lovely large star like this.

The tutorial is for a 36 inch square star, not a quilt.  You get to choose how you want to set the star into your quilt.

Tuesday afternoon I got a call from a cousin letting me know that she will be the grandmother to twins sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Perfect timing, huh.

Tuesday night I started quilt #1. Last night, 9 days later, I finished quilt #2.

The backing and background are relatively new fabrics but the orange and novelty fabrics were in my stash.

My finished quilts measured in at 50 inch square

I got each top done in about 4 hours. Great time if you are looking for a quickie quilt.

I used a 2 1/2 inch inner border and a 5 1/2 inch outer border. I thought that the star and fabric choices were busy enough to keep the borders simple.

I had a great time  working on this unexpected project.  I'm off to see what's on my actual quilting to do list.  I know there are a few Blog Hops on my horizon.  Need to go and check out their status. 

Happy June