Monday, October 26, 2020

From the Heart Hop

 When Carol proposed this hop I joined immediately with a wonderful idea.  The problem with that was it was a long time ago and many new ideas have popped in and out of my very antsy brain.  Today's offerings have nothing to do with the ideas from then, I'll just save those up for another hop where they will be able to fit in with just a little tweeking.

So I'll begin with a very large THANK YOU to Carol for  coming up with yet another great idea for a very creative hop. 

A friend of mine recently asked if I could print out some note cards for her to send to her Honor Flight group.  That reminded me of this hops theme of From The Heart on many levels. The patterns are from Kristi at  I print them on a regular basis for Operation Shoe Box to use with the packages they send to our troops.

Once I printed out a group of cards for her I realized I needed to put them into something for delivery.  I knew just the thing I wanted to do but I had to find it.  Back in Septermber of 2011, yes 2011 I did a post where I used  a pattern I found  at originateandrenovate for a fabric envelope.

This is a super simple bag to make.  It calls for a button closure but I used velcro.  I thought that this idea would make a great gift for someone who still "writes notes" from the heart.  

If you're giving a gift where you  wanted to meet a $ level, like when there is a gift swap, you could always add a gift card or

a book of stamps and a pen.

As all of you who visit here know, I can't make one of anything.  Making a gift from the heart made me want to go a little bit beyond my beloved printer.  Next up was the embroidery machine.

Same basic concept.  Make cards to gift and put them in an envelope but this time I used a red work pattern that was on my machine from Kreative Kiwi  I see that they are currently on sale. I think 9 designs for $1.

I embroidered the design onto cardstock and then mounted that onto a background and then a card. Keeping with the theme of this hop I will be giving away to one of you who leaves a comment the 4 cards and envelope in the photo above.  I will pick a name on Halloween.

Once I was making cards I made 2 sets.  One for the give away here and one as a gift for a friend.

For my friend I am including the etched glass ornament I made. ( the etching, not the glass ornament )

I find that etching is super simple but taking pictures of the etching is really hard to do.  The ornament is about 2 1/2 inches across and only 3/4 of an inch deep. 

Last time I posted about etching I had used my Scan N Cut and several of you liked the concept but didn't have a cutting machine.  This ornament was done with a mailing label, pencil, scissors and etching cream.  Hopefully sometime around the 10th of the November I will do a simple tutorial post on how to do the etching without a machine and will include links to a couple of video's that I found helpful.

EXTRA, EXTRA Read all about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Up to this point in this post I was finished and set to publish on Saturday afternoon.
This morning my sister sent me a photo of her taking a walk with her grandson

I saw this photo and had to do something for this From the Heart post.

Have you all experienced, over the past couple of years, the urge to make a candy bag zip pouch. 
Well for some reason I saw this photo and knew that my sister (the bag/pouch hoarder) would love something using this picture.  So I treated it like a candy bag.

I printed it out on regular paper, adhered it to fabric with heat and bond and then covered it with iron on vinyl.  It worked up to a an 11 x 13 zip bag.

I figured it would be a good place to stash her gazillion face masks so I included a subtle hint or two.
Thank you for your patience, I'm done now, until next time.

Please continue hopping with the rest of the most amazingly creative people I know.  I am including a list of everyone participating for your convenience. 

October 26

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Hello Fall - Welcome y'all

 I can't believe it's the end of September already. I was just kinda getting ready to do my August post.  Oh well.

In between making the items I was planning on posting in August I was working on my Hello Fall goodies.  Thank you Carla for coordinating yet another wonderful get together of so many long time quilty friends.

I worked on several small projects for fall for this post using some of my favorite quilting stuff.  I did a bit of embroidery, some piecing by machine, some quilting by hand and some use of my printer.  I'm even gonna have a give away.

Lets start with the embroidery.  Back in July I got  the Anita Good designs for a group of embroidered cards.  The design choices included 4 wonderful Fall goodies.  

I did start with this wonderful card.  

But we all know that I couldn't let that alone so I whipped out a terrific pin cushion 

The other 2 designs worked themselves into  a couple of small mug rugs.  All of the designs started at the same size but I needed to try going to max larger and max smaller.

Then I grouped  three of them  for a Halloween  table runner.

Again I maxed larger the haunted house and maxed smaller the 2 designs with the spiders.  I did the small designs on each side of the house, then I attached them to a piece of felt and added a simple binding.

I follow Kristi of  where I find lovely watercolor designs. Lots and lots of them are free and some are for purchase. She covers all the seasons and lots of occasions and misc fun stuff. She posted several fall freebies and I ran with the idea of printing them out onto some white fabric.

The purple in the photo is tape that is holding the fabric to freezer paper for the ride through the printer.

I downloaded 4 designs.  This one just begged to be a pin cushion and wanted to be hand quilted.

And of course I had to come up with a mug rug.

And this one was so pretty I wanted to carry it around with me so I made an easy peasy back pack. I downsized it a wee bit from the original back pack pattern.

Yes there is one left to use. I'm thinking a post card.  Time will tell.

So now on to the give away.   If your name is picked from the list of lovely people who leave a comment, which pin cushion would you prefer, the haunted house or the apple? I'll pick a name on September 28 AM.

I hope you are following along with all of the wonderfully creative posts included on this hop.  I'm including a list of all of us for your convenience.  Take care and stay safe.

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Monday, July 27, 2020

Christmas in July (then and now)

             Welcome and Merry Christmas.  Thanks to Carol for hosting this wonderful annual event.

(Meet Bunny, my mask model )

One of the positives of spending so much time at home (besides learning how to make face masks)  these days has been the good time spent using my toys.  Especially toys that spent most of their time in their travel bags.  A little over a year ago I got a ScanNCut  with the intention of using it to cut fabric for applique. 

I took several project classes and enjoyed them, put the unit back in the bag and there it stayed until next class.   Well in April I decided it was time to find it, it's own spot where I could use it whenever I wanted without the packing and unpacking that always stopped me from starting a new project.  This hop was a perfect opportunity to learn what it was actually capable of doing besides cutting fabric.

After much time watching YouTube I decided to start this hop by playing with fabric and Vinyl.  I started with this adorable mug rug.  

Well if I was going to gift it I thought that it needed a matching gift bag.

Oh and a card.  The card is the vinyl ironed onto a card made from photo copying the fabric onto card stock.

This is the vinyl that  is used to decorate tee shirts.  You iron it on and its there pretty much forever and is washable.  ( I haven't tested the washing part yet)

I found that this is very addicting.  Can't believe  it took me so long to play this way with this machine.

Anyhow, the next project was this table runner.  I saw these design files and had this fabric in my stash and knew they would be a perfect Christmas gift.

I still needed to find something to do with this train design from the set that I HAD to use.  It was too big for a mug rug, my usual go to item.  Next on my go to list are place mats.  

This design is also the center of the table runner.

So this  set of place mats is another gift done and off my Christmas to do list.

OK so now I'm antsy to see what else I could do using my ScanNCut  for Christmas.  Back out to YouTube and there it was ............. Glass Etching.

I gave it a try on a glass mug using a simple design.  It went really well.  So I decided to use one of the trees from the place mats for my next try.  

It was a very detailed design to do and probably too detailed to try again anytime soon, but it was a successful adventure that is very hard to photograph.  Everything reflects off of it.

And then I found yet another idea, this one I didn't have time to finish but definitely worth sharing the concept with all of you.

ScanNCut  not only cuts it draws and one of the videos I saw was about taking a drawing / design and drawing it onto fabric.  I found this design online 

printed it out for some Blue Work.  Hindsight says I probably should have chosen a much lighter ink color for my base and yes this will be a mug rug.

Now for those of you who have gotten this far, you are welcome to leave a comment and I will pick one of you for my Christmas give away.  The gift will be this mug rug, gift bag and card from the very beginning of this post.  I'll pick a winner next Monday, noon Eastern.

Thanks for stopping by and please stop in for a visit and a little Good Cheer from all of the other participants in this hop who I have noted below.

Please Stay safe.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Keeping Busy

With all this staying home I'm doing I have determined to get some good use out of my ScanNCut. If I see something I find interesting I YouTube it to death and give it a try.

These cards were done using files found on google  and files that are on the SNC itself. They are made using vinyl on card stock.

These cards are made using a watercolor file printed onto card stock and then having the mandala design cut out and attached to a plain cardstock backing.

No need of the SNC for this set of Granny potholders. It is just one of 8 sets made so far since March.  They are what I do when I watch TV.  They are just 42 rounds of single crochet.

This week I came across  "Safety First" for Moda panels to make silly masks. This was a fun break from the other masks I've been making on a weekly basis.

Back to using the SNC I saw a video on glass etching and thought I'd give that a try.
Dollar Tree is such a lovely place to shop for plain glass pieces.

It's very hard to take photos of etched glass.

I also worked on tee shirts for family.  My niece and her husband are triathletes. They sent me a picture of their 1 year old on a bike so what else could I do. 

A friend of mine does Swedish Weaving and thought I might be interested in giving it a try. I do love the outcome of this pincushion but I cheated on how I got there.

And then I managed to get a quilt top done.  Hopefully I will get it sandwiched and quilted by this time next week.

So that pretty much covers most of what I've been up to with the exception of the goodies I have been working on for next weeks  Christmas in July (then and now) Blog Hop. Hopping to see you there for all of the wonderful ideas that will be showcased by all of the participating quilters