Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Here Comes the Sun - Blog Hop

 Good morning and welcome to another Sunny day in the world of blogging quilters.  Thanks so much Carol from Just Let Me Quilt for coordinating this HOT - HOT - HOT adventure.

Later this summer I am heading to NJ to visit with some family and some friends.  I just know that the friends part will include shopping for fabric and yarn at some of my old favorite haunts.

Did you know that NJ has pretty much banned the use of paper and plastic bags at stores. Pretty much it's a bring your own bag world there now.  

That being the case I thought I'd make a shopping bag to take on my trip. Since I didn't want boring I thought I'd take the Florida sun to Jersey with me.


I pulled the stuff from various stash areas in my crafting spaces.  I didn't think I needed a pattern. I used a local food store fabric bag as my guide for sizing.  


As many of you know I have a thing for Cotton Canvas Drop cloths as a great go to cheap fabric for odd creations.  I thought it would work perfectly for  a shopping tote.  I didn't want to line it and because it does fray I thought I would just make it using French Seams.  

I also planned out, before cutting, how to use the finished edges on the original tarp for the very top of the tote to avoid fraying there.

All things considered my plan worked well.  The French seams were easy to do but because of them I mucked up the size I cut the boxed bottom by a bit. I think I did my measuring backward when adding in the additional fabric for the extra seams. 

I would have preferred it a bit wider and less deep at the bottom.  I don't think it will stop me from piling fabric into it though.

While I was knocking out the numbers for cutting the tote I knew I would have  a few good sized scraps to use and decided to make a small zip pouch for all of the diagrams, drawings, pens and maybe a pattern or 2 that I tend to take shopping with me. Bonus was that I found that cute little tassel for the zipper pull while I was looking for a yellow zipper. The yellow fabric is a lot sunnier than I could get it to show in a photo.


I can't begin to count how many zip pouches I have made over the course of my quilting life.  This little super simple cutie was a bear to make with no recent practice.  I really should not start a new project at 10PM.   I put the first side together just fine.  Second side needed me to totally rip it appart because I put the layers in the wrong order. Zipper on the bottom just does not work. Then after I fixed that problem I turned the thing inside out and closed the turn opening and was pressing the finished pouch and I realized that I never actually sewed the applique in place.  It's currently holding on with Heat and Bond Lite.  It does look great and maybe one of these days I will open it back up and sew it down before I toss it in the laundry.

Well if nothing else I am ready to have fun buying fabric on my trip. 

Thanks for stopping by for the visit and please take a minute or two or three to visit all of the other participants in this fun, sun event.  I've listed them all here for you to refer to.

June 20

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Hands 2 Help 2022 for the LInky Party

 Another year of sharing our love of quilting with people who need quilty hugs is done.  No matter what is going on in my life I feel an overwhelming need to participate in this annual event. 

This year I decided I could be a bit more productive if I brought out some of my UFO's and got them to the finished stage. It was kind of scary that I had more than enough UFO tops to send one to each group on the list and then one to a local quilt group collecting quilts for Ukraine. 

Here are the photos I took of the 6 of them.  

This one  went to the Ukraine collection. I forgot to take a picture of it completed.

I haven't labeled them by group except for the one going to Canada. This one is intentionally incomplete.

 This one I specifically made for a hop earlier this year choosing RWB because one of the groups requested some quilts for their Vets.

My intention is to get them all out in the mail this week.  
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Foodie Blog Hop - Oh Yum

This turned out to be a very productive hop for me so thank you    Carla from over at Creatinthesticks  for coming up with this great idea.  When I saw the name of this hop I thought it would be a great reason for me to route through my food based novelty fabrics.  I wasn't sure if I had any or not but I did assume I must have some somewhere.  Found these so I knew I had a jumping off point.

About the same time as I was thinking about expanding the search I went to a meeting of one of the craft based groups I belong to who do lots of work with organizations with needs.  This month one of the groups was in need of pillow cases.  Our group had pre cut fabric and instructions waiting for those of us who were machine sewers.  I took fabric for 3 cases and the instruction sheet.

Well the instruction sheet they handed us made for some very, very boring plain pillow cases. I made 2 their way and decided to go hunt down  a better version.  Over the years I have made well over a dozen of the pillow cases with the contrasting edge. In my folder of links to tutorials I found it.

Crafty Gemini's Burrito Pillow Case

Yes, most definitely FOOD

Well with the fabric I got from the group the first go round I made 2 boring pillow cases and 2 Burrito Pillow cases ( with a little help from my stash ) Then with a little more help from my stash I whipped out 2 more.  

Turned them in at the next meeting and found out the group was a bit short on their commitment so I made  2 more.  

Then celebrated the completion of 2 projects by going out with a friend for a Mexican lunch (tee hee ).  

I hope you are enjoying the hop so far and will continue to acquire more ideas over the next couple of days . Here is a list of everyone participating, remember there are no calories in these posts.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Wonderful World of Color

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Color blog hop brought to us by Joan of moosestashquilting

 When I first heard the title of this hop 1 and only 1 idea popped into my head and I haven't been able to shake it.

This is what came to me.

Many of you are probably too young to understand it. but none the less its what I think of when I hear the statement  Wonderful World Of Color.

I hunted down several photos on line and was able to print them out on some white fabric.

Then what....I found what I wanted but had no idea what I wanted to do with them. They were a tad too big for mug rugs and I'm not a pillow person or a table runner user except for the holidays. So right now I'm floating between lunch mats or a series of wall hangings.  Maybe I'll try them for a luncheon, one without wine or red sauce then convert them to a wall hanging. hmmmmmm

Tinkerbell is my favorite.

I did some digging in my stash and came up with a very Wonderful World of Color addition for my mini's borders. The mini's ended up at 10 x 12.5

Thanks so much Joan for this fun hop. I know those of you who are old enough do appreciate it for the memories it brings to mind.  My biggest memory is that I watched a lot of it in Black and White, ha, ha

Please visit all of the participants in this great hop and leave them a note if you can. Here is a list of all of the people in this hop.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Time in a Bottle Blog Hop

 Welcome to my stop on the   Time In A Bottle   Blog Hop. This event has been coordinated by Carol of    Just Let Me Quilt    to whom we owe great thanks for her time and effort for us to have another play date.

When Carol and the team posted about this months title I was all in. My brain was very excited because I had never in all the years that I have been quilting, made an hour glass quilt. Yes I know we didn't have to make an hour glass quilt but since I had never done one, now was the perfect time.  What I did find out was that where I may not have ever made an hour glass quilt I had, but not registered that I had, made hour glass blocks on my path to somewhere else.  

I am a quilter who tends to follow patterns. So if a pattern said to make HST's and join them as in diagram 3, I did that. That it made an hour glass block never registered.  Looking back on my quilting accomplishments I see many hour glass blocks in their  various hiding places like in pin wheel blocks and many secondary patterns.

At about the time I started this project the list of organizations participating in this years   Hands 2 Help 2022   was posted. One of the organizations, Mercyful Quilts, mentioned quilts for Veterans so I went to my stash and pulled some Red, White and Blue and using Carol's tutorial for Hour Glass Blocks got going. By the way if you are interested, H2H22 kicks off this coming weekend.

The tutorial was great and I was amazed at how quickly I was able to knock out these blocks.

The only negative to this block is that I really needed to do some squaring up. OK lots of squaring up.  But once again like making the blocks, putting them together was also a quick and easy do. 

So  I have accomplished 2 things by participating in this hop, making an hour glass quilt and a quilt for the H2H 22 project. WIN, WIN. Thanks Carol.

Below is a list of all of the participants in this weeks event.  If you haven't stopped by yet to see what all of these talented ladies have come up with yet do yourself a favor and visit.  If you can, also let them know how great they are.  Til next time.