Friday, June 9, 2017

Crazy Mom Quilts - Oh My

I have been following Amanda Jean Nyberg of crazymomquilts for as long as I have been blogging.  I have always admired her work and I have tried many of the ideas she so generously shares.

Since I picked up her latest book No Scrap Left Behind I've gotten a little obsessed with her.  I am currently working on 2 of the quilts in the book "Remainders"

and "Mini Nines" which I am making slightly larger than the book, sorry no pictures yet.

I've also made "Cards" from the book 

There were 4 more but they have been sent to quilting buddies around the country.  These are so easy and so fun to make.

Big Nines is a quilt she posted about last month. I loved it and have a quilt top of my spin  on it ready for sandwiching.

My nines are floating around in their blocks, hers are centered.

I also follow her on IG . Last week she posted her knitted pin cushion.  I hunted a pattern down on google, there are a couple out there.

I knitted some and then decided that I could crochet them faster.

Here are the knitted pieces.  Once you make each rectangle you sew it first row to last row making a tube, then you fold it over on its self  like a turtle neck sweater.  Stick the smallest into the middle of the middle size and them into the middle of the large one. 

I took the picture on the cutting board so you could get the measurements.  I used a #8 knitting needle and a H crochet hook.

OK so  I'm not quite done with my Crazy Mom Quilts this week.  She has out of the goodness of her heart started a June QAL of one of her quilts from the book. The quilt is called "June".

I've started to pull my strings. 

This October she will be coming to Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild to do a Trunk Show and a Workshop, I'm so looking forward to meeting her in person. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day
Many Thanks to Those Who Serve

I've had a wonderfully busy few days sewing up a storm.

We had a great guild meeting a couple of weeks ago where one of our members showcased this table runner. Thank you Jean. The pattern is by Margie at Ribboncandyquilts.  
Saturday evening on our way home from dinner I decided that making them for my dinner guests on Sunday was a great idea. I'm blaming the wine.

I finished them with 2 hours to spare.  I like them so much I want to make 3 - 4 more for gifting for The 4th.

I got this pattern early in the week just because it was so cute.  It is from Lorna at  Sew Fresh Quilts.
I started it Friday night and finished it up on Saturday afternoon.  It took about 9 hours from start to finish including the hand work on the binding.

The down side to all this sewing is that the girls were not happy with me.

They think making the bed is a team project and here they are waiting patiently for the team leader.

Today I'm celebrating the holiday with them. Apparently Nettie believes my promise. Celie not so much.

No matter how you celebrate, thank a Service person and be safe. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

H2H 2017 - Quilt #3 Finished + so much more

#3 is finished and will be in the mail tomorrow to Camp Hobe

A perfect kids quilt full of fun monsters bound in polka dots.

I used this great backing for #3 and for the project below

These mats were made for the St Louis Humane Society. Due to all the bad storms in that area they hooked up with The Quilt Pattern Magazines program TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team who coordinate with quilters all over the country in times of need to supply quilted pads much like placemats for small animals in their care.

Our Chapter, Big Cypress Quilters, of The Villages Quilt Guild has taken on a new charity project.  We will be working with FHFC ( Florida Hospital for Children). Our primary project will be with the Neo Natal Unit but if they have other sewn needs they will let us know ad we will determine if we can help or not.   An example are these face masks for Prom.

They asked if we could make them for the  patients who needed to wear face masks when they went to the Prom that the hospital arranges for them.

These are a couple of examples of the work we are doing for the preemies. I took pictures on my cutting mat so you could have an idea of how tiny these little hospital gowns are.

Pretty much the gowns are 8 1/2 inches square.  The hearts are 5 inch squares.
The hearts go home with the mom and dad. They wear them for 24 hours and then return them to the baby with their scent on them for baby/parent bonding.

The strip is for hiding very sensitive eyes from the lights during procedures. The center section is lined with black felt to keep the light out.  

I am also working on 2 scrap projects from Amanda Jean Nyberg's new book "No Scrap Left Behind"
Here are a couple of pics I took at the beginning of "Remainders"

I've done a couple of hundred more since this picture.  They are now in baggies since I needed my wall back.

I'm also working on "Mini Nines" but not quite as mini as hers.  Her quilt started with 1 inch squares for the 9 patches, mine started with 1 1/2 inch squares.  Oops no pictures of the progress there. 

Off to my machines. Don't know what I'll be working on yet.  Depends on what catches my eye.  Whatever it turns out to be I'm feeling productive. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

H2H 2017 - Quilt #2 Finished

This years H2H quilts are moving right along.  I committed to making 3 quilts this year, 1 for each organization participating.  Quilt #1 was in the middle of my last post. Here is  Quilt #2, it is going to one of the organizations who is looking for twin  size quilts with a patriotic theme.

I have made the Stax quilt before and thought it would lend itself nicely to being enlarged to a twin size.

I even found a wide backing fabric carrying the patriotic theme to the back as well.

I've also whipped up 12 blocks to go to LeAnne over at devotedquilter who is working on making 21 quilts for a group of Seniors who lost everything in a fire last week.  She is collecting these simple blocks from all who care to lend her a hand.  Click on her name for more info.

Working on several other smaller items for Florida Hospital for Children and a quilt from the new book "No Scrap Left Behind" by Amanda Jean Nyberg.  They all need to get a little further along before photos.

 There is also one project for CFMQG May meeting Challenge which will stay in the shadows for a bit longer but these fabrics will make up a major part of it.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter or Passover wherever you may be. I'm still recovering from overeating  the wonderful dinner that friends of ours shared with several very thankful guests. They even sent home leftovers. Yahoo.

Easter Greetings from Florida

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Successful Road Test for the New Machine

I have spent much of the past month road testing my new sewing machine.  It is wonderful.  Now I still love my Bernina but she is over 10 years old.  New machine has new bells and whistles. Fun to play with.

First up is this wonderful quilt based on the pattern Supernova from Sarah over at Confessions of a fabric addict. 

Stunning results from such an easy block. All HST in various shades of green.  Hers is in shades of Orange. Go check it out.

I don't generally make quilts for myself but I fell in love with this one.  It's currently with a very talented local long arm quilter.  I see it hanging on my dining room wall in the not to distant future.

Next up is this star quilt. It is actually the same pattern as the red,white and blue quilt in my previous post but this time I extended the whole quilt by 2 rounds to have finished star points.

This was a tough quilt to photograph.  The background is not as light as the photo above and not as dark as the one below.  I included the one below for the background which didn't show up at all in the sunnier pictures.

This quilt is destined for H2H 2017  see the button.

I am a member of MQG.  While quilt con was happening MQG sent digital goodie bags to its members. The pattern for this quilt "STAX" was included.  Another fun, fast project.

Another back that didn't do well in the sun.

Last but not least, my sister issued a challenge for St Patty's day placemats for my annual corned beef and cabbage dinner for 8.

 Oh, the background fabric is the left over fabric from the back of the quilt above.

I made 6 with the mouse and 2 more, just plain to be used either as placemats or hot pads. I generally have 6 for Sunday dinner so 2 plain sounded like a good idea.

I love them front and back.   Yes I do plan on using them throughout the year.  I figured that the fabric on the back would be perfect for dinners containing tomato sauce.  Not that my quests are sloppy or anything.

Hope your St. Patricks day was as fun as ours was.  I still have left overs for tonights dinner, yum.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Time is Flying By

Can't believe we're half way through February already, wow.  ( I started this post on the 14th don't know where the week went).

I've been keeping busy with several smallish projects such as my Para Cord Bracelets for Operation Shoebox, and smaller brighter para cord bracelets for  Operation Christmas Child, which is an effort under the international organization "Samaritan's Purse".

They need 100 for this years Christmas boxes.

In between bracelets I have whipped up some pillowcases for an ongoing project that our guild is working on for sick kids.

This is the only pic I can find,  there were some made from Star Wars fabric that apparently I forgot to snap before turning them in.

My big news is that I got a new sewing machine for my Christmas/Birthday present to myself.

The back story on the machine is that I went to a "sew in" with my guild members and one of them let me sew on her new Brothers machine.  I was thinking of getting a machine for taking to this type of event and meetings for a while now but test driving hers the day before my birthday pushed me over the edge.    I went to the local quilt store (Sharkies in Wildwood, FL) and lucky for me there was a huge holiday sale going on for Brothers machines.  Due to the size of the sale I was even able to upgrade a couple of levels.  On the down side since the sale was so good I was on back order for a month.  Finally got it on February 1.  It is wonderful. As a bonus I am due to get the custom carrying case and gift card in the mail next month.

This is the first finish on the new baby.  It is #2 for 2017 for the local Honor Flight which has a group
going out the end of March.

I also managed to finish MJ's Christmas Afghan.  It measures in at 45 x 74 when laying flat.  I tried to measure it with him holding it and it was a bit longer. It weighs a ton ( made from 13, 5 oz skeins) .

She was so tempted to jump up on that chair.  Good thing that it scares her when it rocks.

She finally got bored and I could take a shot without her butt in it.

I'm heading back into my sewing room now to play with the new toy.  Enjoy the day.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Great Start to the New Year

My crafting for 2017 is off to a great start.

I am currently working on an afghan for Michael for last Christmas.  I got the idea a little late and he is very tall (6'3").

I love the pattern.  Very simple ( all double crochet ) but very distinctive.

This is it as of today.  Just a little over half way done.  It currently measures 42 wide x 45 long. It is really pretty even but I didn't take the time to straighten it out on the carpet.  I need it to end up around 84 long or as long as it gets with the remaining 6 1/2 skeins I have in the basket.  Since I started with 14 I'm pretty much on target. I'd love to have it done by Valentines day.

Our quilt guild supports the Honor Flight Program.  The first flight for this area this year will be mid March.  Lots of busy hands making quilts for our WWII vets.  

This is my first quilt finish for the new year. I'd like to make 4 this year for this wonderful group of people.

I pieced the back using a chunk of patriotic fabric I had left from one of last years quilts.

Tonight we are going to friends for dinner.  I usually would bring dessert but I have kinda, sorta given it up for the new year.  I don't have a lot of will power, but if it's out of sight I'm good.  So instead of dessert I've opted to bring a house gift.

Between last night and this morning I whipped up a set of happy Mug Rugs (how about wine glass rugs) for them to use on their lanai.
I think we'll break them in tonight during cocktail hour.

Looks better with something in the glass, even if it's iced tea instead of wine.

I realized when I sat down to write this post that I didn't wrap up 2016.  Since I started this blog primarily to track what I have done in my crafting world I will need to dedicate some time to catching up.........Maybe next week.    Til then enjoy life and the ones you love.