Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Annual Virtual Cookie Exchange

 Thank you once again goes out to Carol of   Just Let Me Quilt  for coordinating this wonderful annual event.

For me this is the most challenging hop of the year as I don't bake, not even virtually.  

In addition to being a quilter I play at a lot of different crafts.  One of my favorites is etching glass. During the summer I saw on line somewhere an etched mason jar.  As you all know once you see something and start hitting buttons and reading and hit more buttons and reading you veer off the original track and end up at a spot that takes you in a totally different direction.  This particular journey took me to a no cook recipe that I immediately marked for this hop. 

It was for a no cook pumpkin pie  in an individual serving mason jar.  Yes I made this and yes the jar is not etched.  When I went shopping for plain jars the week before Thanksgiving there were none, only these pretty ones. 

When I offered to bring dessert for Thanksgiving for 6 people ( I needed to do a sample for these pictures) my hostess looked skeptical. Ok, she has known me for 30 some years and she always does dessert even when she does the dinner as she was doing on Thanksgiving. 

Apparently no one had any faith in me since in addition to my pumpkin pie there was an apple pie and a walnut coffee cake for the 6 of us..

The fun part is that you build the pie layers, put the lid on the jar and store in the fridge till you are ready to eat it. 


Cream cheese and whipped cream

One of these layers also had pudding.

The pie was really easy peasy to make.  I don't even own a mixer and was able to get the desired result by hand. This is where I found the recipe   

 Then when you go to serve it you open the jar and add the whipped cream and enjoy.

And would you believe, she asked me to make them again for Christmas. HA

Thanks so much for stopping by. I wish you and your family the very Merriest of Christmas's or the Happiest of the Holiday you celebrate this time of year and a healthy New Year.

Please take time to visit the other cooks ;-} participating in this fun hop and maybe you'll find a few great virtual ideas.   For your convenience here is a complete list of the hop members.