Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Wish Upon A Star Blog Hop

I made my wish and it happened.  Another hop. I love them, they're such a fun way to spend time with quilty buddies.  Welcome one and all.  Thanks go to Carol for this one where the only requirement was that your piece, no matter what it is, contains at least one star.
OK, my piece contains a hum dinger of a star.

I started this quilt last summer when a guild sister asked if some of the members could make a lap size/ afghan size quilt for the military members of the church where we hold our guild meetings. This would be an on going project.

I said yes and got the top finished within the week.  Got it sandwiched during the next week and then I hit a huge snag.  I do very basic machine quilting. I usually don't have issues so I generally never look at the back of the piece as I fly along.    HUGE mistake.  When I finished quilting the first half of the quilt I looked at the back as I flipped it to work the other end. OOOOOOPS.  The entire back of the first half of the quilt was ruffled.   I apparently broke my walking foot and never noticed.

I took the mess and folded it up for another day.

Fast forward to Carol's announcement of this hop.  It was just the push I needed to pull this thing out after 6 months or so and rip, rip, rip and then turn it into a wonderful gift for a Veteran.

This quilt was made using the pattern  idea from  Mary  who is involved with the Heart Strings Quilt Project.  She shares her patterns and pattern ideas for use for Charitable projects.  I loved this  idea. 

This is the second or third time I have made this particular star quilt.  

Ok, as all of you regulars know, I am a bit of an over achiever.  I will admit that up until 3 weeks ago this quilt was all I planned on posting for this particular hop.  

Well 3 weeks ago I heard of a member to member class being offered by The Quilt Guild of the Villages.  The class was for quilts using the HST.

The class was on May 12 and one of the options was a Star Quilt, such wonderful timing. I was able to get the top completed just in time for this post. 

The quilt used the better part of 2 charm packs.  I chose a couple of sweet packs full of little boy stuff, you know, trucks and cars and planes.  The only problem with this quilt is that I don't have little boys in my life.  So this top will probably remain folded up unquilted  for  the time being waiting for just the right little boy to need it.

Sorry about the quality of these pictures and the problem of the gray washing out the other light colors but as with so many of you, we've really had nothing but clouds and rain, not exactly great photo weather.

Thanks for stopping in but now its time for you to travel on and check out the other posts for today and any you may have missed yesterday. I am including the list of all of the participants in this wonderful event.

Have fun and enjoy all of the terrific ideas presented by these oh so talented quilters.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

H2H Charity Quilt Challenge 2018 Wrap Up

It looks like the 2018 H2H Challenge has been a rousing success. I am posting my offerings for this event for Sunday's linky party over at Sarah's confessions of a fabric addict  Full details of this Challenge can be found by clicking on the link.

She is the energizer bunny for this annual event. This year she found 3 organizations for us to make quilts for.  If these organizations didn't work for any of us then a group of our choosing was fine.

The links  below will take you to my original postings where I have some detail on the background of these quilts.

This quilt went to Quilty Hugs for happy Chemo in Utah

This quilt top went to Victoria's Quilts in Ontario, Canada

This quilt went to Little Lambs Foundation for Kids, also in Utah

Thanks Sarah for all you do to help those in need.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Current Projects

I've been a very busy gal the last few weeks and figured I better get a post done before I forgot to document the finishes.

I do have several upcoming hops that I have been working toward so I can't post about them "yet" but in between hop projects I have managed to keep working away on my pieces for the #scrapvortex100dayproject

This is a photo of my first medium scale consolidation, 
had to do that so I  could use my design wall for another project that had a real dead line.

Once the wall freed up  I started on another batch of scraps.

This is the project that I needed my wall for.  It is for a WWII Veteran affiliated with the church where the CFMQG meets monthly.

Follow the link for the pattern Have Faith Quilt by Jamie Elfert and its tutorial. She generously provided it for the H2H2018 Challenge.

This will be turned in on Monday, at my next guild meeting.

Yesterday I received a request from  TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team requesting 18 x 12 quilts for the kennel in Hawaii assisting with the animals affected by the volcano.  If you are interested in helping go to the link for more information.

Was able to knock out 5 and get them mailed out today.  

I'll be back on the 22nd with my contribution for the Wish Upon A Star Blog Hop. hope to see you then.