Thursday, March 19, 2020

Quilt Qwazy Queens blog hop.

So have you been just laughing your butt off following this ever so fun hop? I view it as the very lite side of quilting. I open them first thing in the morning and enjoy with my coffee, great way to start the day.  So thanks so much Joan for coming up with this hop for us to follow/participate in. They say timing is everything and boy did we need something to laugh about this week.

Well once I signed up for this hop my first idea of something Qwazy that I have quilted goes all the way back to a blog hop many of us participated in back in February of 2013  Here are 2 of the pictures from that post.

I made this into a pillow for our mom when she went to an assisted living facility. The pattern is by Amy Bradley.

I know the picture is blurry but it shows just how accurate the pillow is in capturing sissie and me.  After our mom passed we realized as we were cleaning out her room that the pillow had gone missing.  I hope it went to one of her buddies and that one of them is still enjoying it.

Then I realized that I don't really make fun stuff on my own.  Where I mostly get my quilting chuckles is in laughing at my mistakes such as

Not paying attention and putting the batting on the outside and the backing on the inside of this pouch.  I originally thought that this was the only one I screwed up of the 50 I made.  I recently ran into one of the recipients and she had hers out and I realized hers also had the batting on the outside. When I apologized and offered to make her a new one she laughed and told me she thought I did it on purpose to give it a winter feel. Some people are just so polite.

While doing another project I used the stabilizer incorrectly and had the sticky side down  and it caught the bobbin cover and dragged it under the needle and I tried to sew through it for several stitches before I realized what the horrible noise coming from the machine was. Amazing that I got that many stitches done before the needle broke.

Ok so then I got really serious about what I could do specifically for this hop to make you'll smile and I remembered that when I first got my embroidery machine I tried all sorts of things that I saw on you tube.  This go round I could google something specific. The topic of my search was things to embroider on Toilet Paper . It was absolutely amazing how many ideas are out there for this topic.

This was my favorite.  

I did it in 2 different color ways

It is an amazingly easy thing to do. I think that the stitch out time was 4 minutes. You can use any embroidery design that fits a square of the type of toilet paper you have.  I am a Charmin user but many of the tutorials I read suggested using the very cheap stuff.     The cool part is that you can rip off the embroidered piece with a few extra squares on either end and store them flat for reuse at a later date by just rewinding on a new roll if you used a seasonal pattern or an event to celebrate. (or had an emergency need)

I have found that you can hide small gifts inside

I will be giving one of these away to someone who comments and who has a mailing address in the US . Just leave as part of your comment which one you would prefer. I understand that this could be a very valuable gift this week with all of the empty shelves in the stores.

Now thanks again to Joan of Moose Stash Quilting for coordinating this fun time for one and all and here for your convenience is a full list of participants for you to smile your way through.

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Tuesday March 24

All joking aside, I hope you are all doing well and taking care of yourselves and families.  Til next time stay safe and keep smiling.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Other Stuff - Using my Scan N Cut

Last year I got a Brothers Scan N Cut to use for helping me with some various quilting chores.  My local quilt shop has group classes monthly that I attend where they demo the different things the machine can do.  I then come home and do nothing because I walk in the door and put the bag containing the machine in the closet.  Out of sight as they say.  Last month I decided that I had to justify to myself the cost of the machine and dedicated a full week where I would not sew but I would scan n cut. 

So me, the Scan N Cut and Google worked together to produce all of these items. Google and You Tube really are invaluable sources.

Some of the items came out perfectly and some not so much.   The mug has a flaw where I stretched the vinyl on the visor so it adhered a tiny bit wiggly and the shirt above was done on a very loose knit shirt that I had a heck of a time making the design stick to. 

Mickey's ear got a bit sloppy because I didn't have the vinyl stuck properly to the mat and it shifted while cutting.

All in all I learned an amazing amount.

These cards on the other hand were flawless.

I was able to download SVG files from the internet  and  Use items in Clip Art.  I'm now following several new sites that share information some for purchase some free.

I love the fact that you can take these files and change the size up and down. the turtle on the shirt is about 9 inches across and the the one on the card is about 3

and how can use them such as tee shirt, note card and gift tag.

I also love the amount of detail that I can get.

And now back to the original justification for wanting one of these machines, you know, helping me with my quilting, tee hee, tee hee.

It did a wonderful job cutting hexie's from cardstock

So all in all it was a wonderful and very productive week.