Saturday, June 28, 2014

More finds

A few weeks ago I rearranged the quilting room.  At the time I found several UFO's that I have committed to finishing up such as the D9P shown in my last post or the 1600 top from 2 posts ago.

Last week we made arrangements to have our entire townhouse interior painted, all at once, upstairs and down.  When the contractor came to assess the job his only negative comment was about the difficulty the sewing room presented for his crew. As in too much stuff to move and  not enough space to move it to.

With that news we decided to move the sewing room to the basement for the next few months.  Of course that meant cleaning out the basement. The good, the bad and the ugly.

In the process of dragging a gazzilion pounds of sewing stuff down 2 flights of stairs I unearthed yet more UFO's. This is one of them.

I really didn't like making these blocks.  I started the quilt several years ago and stopped when I finished butchering  the first 6 blocks.  I couldn't get the hang of how to match up the odd points.

Now that I have my sewing machine up and running again in it's not so cheery new spot in the basement  I thought I would re purpose a couple of the blocks and came up with these.   Ta Da...............
                                                                         A 4th of July Gift.

I backed the potholder/hot mats with a navy blue towel.  They are on their way to my friends in Fl.  They should make it there before the weekend.

The project was quick and fun.  I will probably make the remaining blocks into potholders too. I will need to decide on doing that before I start anything new because

Navy Blue Terry cloth makes one heck of a mess everywhere.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

UFO Completed

Last month I cleaned up my sewing room.  It was just full of surprises including several UFO's that I had completely forgotten about. Included in this group I rediscovered the D9P from the D9P QAL I joined in January 2013.  The QAL was suggested by Freda over at

This is how far I got in January 2013.

I believe this is how far I got in February 2013 when it became a WIP attached to my flannel tabelcloth.  It is 6 blocks from completion.  See the 6, 9 patches waiting to be cut up just hanging there waiting patiently to be included.  The question is when does a project go from WIP to UFO? 

Well I vowed to myself that some of the UFO's were going to be finished in the very near future.  So last weekend I took the sad little 9 patches off the wall and finished the top.  Tuesday night after work I sandwiched and started the quilting process.

Wednesday and Thursday evenings were spent finishing up the quilting and Friday night I did the binding.

It's done, it's done. So scary that I lost interest so close to the finish. The good news is that the end date for this particular QAL  as stated by Freda is "The end date will be when you finish".  I made it, big whoop whoop for me.

I did work on another UFO last week.  This one was a lettuce container full of black and white strips and red, green and yellow squares.  I know I put the strips in that container at least 2 years ago when my sister asked me to make this particular quilt for her.

It's a modified 1600 quilt. I thought that it would be great if I got it completely finished for her  summer birthday this year.  It would be done already but she wants to choose the backing.  I'm still hopeful I will be done in time.

This is another lettuce container filled with pieces of a would be quilt. I find that these containers are perfect for storing small projects.  They are see through and stack well and are basically free.  

I think that I will be using this container full for a project for Margaret's Hope Chest.  Amanda Jean at
is hosting a QAL for this great organization.  

They are in need of boys quilts and this should be perfect.  I have no recollection of what these are leftovers from but they will be fun to  play with this week.  Hopefully I will have another completed UFO to show off next week.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Alphabet Quilt

Last month we were blessed with another great nephew.  Since he was a second child there was no baby shower, therefore no reminder that time was running out on making  a quilt. I felt the need to get it finished today as I will be returning to work on Monday.

I had a ton of scraps left from my Kona Jelly Rolls from the winter and thought they would work really well with the Moda Alphabet quilt that has been making the rounds lately.  I will admit that the letters are addicting and really speedy to make. 

My biggest error in judgement was setting the quilt at 5 blocks across and 6 down instead of 6 across and 5 down.  My version came out at something like 47x72 where the other way would have been close to a 60 inch square.  The blocks are rectangles not squares.  Next time I will try it that way, yes there will be a next time as it really was a fun quilt to build.    It doesn't really matter either way it will be loved.  It will be in the mail to him tomorrow.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Final Link Up for H2H - 2014 Charity Quilt Challenge

I'm so very happy to report that I was able to contribute a quilt to each of this years Charities in the H2H 2014 Charity Quilt Challenge.

I don't remember which quilt I sent where.

I sent them all out last week and I know that at least one got to its proper destination.

It was a wonderful event coordinated by Sarah over at

This week there is a link up for all of the quilts that were contributed this year.  Stop by and see all of the wonderful hugs going out to those who need it most.  If you weren't a participant stop by and be a cheer leader and maybe consider being a player next spring.  It is such a good feeling.