Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange

Even though I'm not much of a baker, I look so forward to this hop every year.   I work very hard at finding a dessert recipe of some sort that I can literally whip together for pictures for the hop. I have skipped altogether a couple of times and always regret it.

This year I tripped over a wonderful apple spice cake recipe by Michelle at Weekend Craft.  The recipe calls for just 3 items.  Cake mix, canned pie filling and 3 eggs baked in a 9 x 13 pan.  Right up my alley.

I tried the recipe, as written, for a pot luck, it was a major success, not a crumb left. Next I tried swapping out the apple filling for peach filling, wonderful.

A friend decided that if I could change the filling she could change the cake mix.  For this Christmas Exchange I'll be using her choices,

I was taking dessert to a friends for dinner for 4. I just didn't think I needed to take a cake 9 x 12 cake so I tried some glass pie plates. (cause I don't own 2 small cake pans, when absolutely needed I buy the throw away aluminum kind at the $ Store)

I even went out and picked up some powdered sugar for kicks and giggles

I never thought of icing but I can put whipped cream on just about everything

Apparently I thought the outcome was just delicious.

Onto Christmas sewing.  The following is from last Christmas but I felt they were worth sharing this year.

My sister thought it would be great to have some indoor type snowballs to play with her grandchildren.
Not sure which one of us came up with the idea that I should make them.  Probably hers.

I found an embroidery design and then went to town

I knocked out a dozen for them to play with.  Yea they were to cute to play with.  They will look just like this at her house, no one will dare touch them.  I'm not sure if that makes my happy or sad.

While I was at it I made a couple as ornaments for a friend

Having grown up with the name Selina I never could find things with my name on it. My friends little girls name is Samara which is slowing getting popular but still nothing out there with that name on it.
Well I fixed that issue by adding names to the back of the ornament version.

She was very happy.

Well I guess that's it from my end. It is time for me to get into my Christmas projects for this year.
But first let me thank Carol for coordinating yet another great Christmas exchange of ideas.

Please check out all of the other participants and give them a little cheer for their exchangeable ideas.
I'm listing them one and all for your convience.

Thanks for stopping by throughout the year. 
Wishing you and yours a very 

and a 
Happy and Healthy