Friday, December 23, 2016

TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Project

Last week while visiting Joan over at Moose Stash Quilting   I saw that Joan had made some Small 
Kennel Quilts.  Hop over and see some of the ones that she has made.

She had just dropped a package of Kennel Quilts in the mail to the Tennessee Valley Humane Society. With the devastating fires in the area recently, there has been a need for comfort quilts for displaced pets.

I checked out the links she provided TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team Information and decided I had both the time and the stash to help out and become a Team member.

These went into the mail today. I hope this small gesture helps these little guys get some much needed comfort from them
Thanks Joan for sharing this valuable information.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Swaps Big and Swaps Small

It's been awhile since I did a post  but not for lack of Quilting and crafting.  I signed up for the Santa Sack Swap and for a postcard swap.  None of the items for the swaps could be posted until received by my swap partners.

I've also been making a few Christmas gifts, these too couldn't  be posted because at least one or two of the recipients follows my blog.

Well the swap goodies have been received (both going and coming) so I can post all of the goodies involved.

Lets start with the Post Cards.

My Swap partner was Marsha H from Vermont.  This card has some great detail.  I love the framed Vintage Christmas tree stamps and the ornament.

I decided I hadn't done any Red Work recently. So there was no time like the present to take out the needle and get going.

I used a couple of paint as you go ornaments as the design inspiration. I actually did 2 postcards, sent one to my swap partner and one to a friend who collects postcards.  I generally make her a card anytime I'm in a postcard swap.

Next up is the Santa Sack Swap.  The very best part of this swap was that Tonia and I called each other and set our phones to speaker and chatted while we unwrapped our presents. Like old friends. It was fabulous.

This started in June.  The deal was to make a Santa Sack of any type to hold the 5 gifts you make over the next several months. You could purchase but the point of the swap was to make most of the gifts.  So OK, I was supposed to make one gift a month, Yeah like that was gonna happen.  I started with the place mats  in a timely manner in late June early July.

Sometime during the early fall I got a Sizzix and started whipping out embossed  note cards. Had to toss in a few of them and I couldn't just put them in the Sack so I made a zip pouch for them.

Fast forward to October and I realized that I needed to get back on track.  Next up for me was the sack.

Then I decided that I was in love with my Tumbler templates and ordered a set for Tonia. Of course I needed to make the coasters so she could see what each size could do (you can see them in the center of the place mat picture).

Then I felt the need to toss in something not Christmasy. I whipped up a simple table runner for the spring.

Front and Back

Oh while I had the Red Work stuff out I made a cute little hanger for the sack and a sweet little pillow.

Now for the goodies I received from Tonia.

After taking this picture I realized that while it looked pretty it didn't do my gifts justice.

The sack is so pretty.  I have stuffed it with batting and placed it under my tree as a permanent  decoration.
The bottle arrived protected perfectly by the stocking, another wonderful addition to by holiday decorations.


This is the back of the ornament that I think will join my pin cushion collection. Way to pretty, front and back, to be stashed away with Christmas for 10 months.

This is a shot of the beautiful backs of some of the goodies.  Not sure which side of the mug rug I will actually use. I love mug rugs but am always weary of leaving a big old ring on them , probably rotate sides through the holidays. The gift tags are hanging on my tree. They are mine and I'm not adding them to anyone else's gift.

Thank you so much Tonia. Thanks for the fun memories for years to come.