Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Queen of Gadgets

This months fun hop is all about our favorite quilting gadgets.The  hop is being coordinated by Carol from  Just Let Me Quilt     Thanks so much for another fun time.                      .

My favorite gadget is a wooden binding-winder that can be found at Sawyer Creek Artistry     

I got mine at a quilt show in Dayton Beach a couple of years ago. I actually picked up about 10 of them but at least 5 have been gifted over the years.  

I have checked the link and see that they are still making them and that you can request them in different widths to accommodate your favorite binding.

During covid I was part of a group making hundreds of masks.  I found that these wondeful binding holders were really great for holding stuff other than binding, such as miles of elastic

I know I also used them to hold yarn for color changes while making hats but can't find an example for this post but figure you can get the general idea looking at the elastic.

And then of course there is the fact that it is made to hold binding.

They are great for binding storage.  These 2 are great examples.  You can see the width and get a good guess as to the approximate length of your left overs.

I do have a few more favorite gadgets but the following 2 are in my opinion way up on my list.

2 seasons ago on Super Bowl Sunday I ended up in the emergency room because I tried to cut off my pointer finger tip with my rotary cutter.  Thankfully I failed. Several of my quilting buddies suggested the suction cup ruler holder.  I personally thought at the time it was a bit much but I have come to love mine.

And then there is this wonderful ruler that cuts in 1/2 inch increments. Makes cutting strips so easy and so much more accurate. And I know that this is a quilters hop but I have been known to use my quilting gadgets for things other than quilts.

These photos are from our Virtual Cookie Exchange   from 2015 showing just how versatile this ruler is

I used it with a pizza cutter to cut perfectly square pieces of fudge.

I hope you have enjoyed your stop here and all of the previous stops.  I know I have already started an Amazon list for this coming weekends order of goodies. 

Here is a complete list of all of the hoppers who are participating this week.