Wednesday, September 22, 2021

I'm Falling For You Blog Hop

 Hi everybody and Special thanks to  Joan of Moose Stash Quilting our wonderful coordinator for this fun hop.

I am participating in this hop but not with what I had hoped to make.  Last month I had what I thought was a brilliant idea for the term "Falling"  It was so brilliant that I drew it up and left it on the kitchen table and looked at it everyday and smiled. I knew exactly what fabric (I thought )I had in my stash. And felt I could knock it off  in a couple of hours.

So as we all know, the best laid plans of a quilter don't always work the way we hope. And wow is time just flying by.  I set September 19 as my sew day for this hop and I did manage to keep my calendar clear.   So mid morning with my diagram in hand I headed to my stash. 

The fabric I thought I had wasn't where I thought I would find it except for one piece, My cloud covered sky.  Ok so I had to make a quick switch from my falling snow ball that grows up to be a snowman.  I stared at my stash and hoped for something to jump out at me.

And low and behold the leaves popped out to join my sky.
My new vision was to have some falling leaves land on a pile of leaves.

My new issue was that the leaves on the  pile of leaf fabric were a little too big to go with my falling leaves.  So since I was aiming for a wall hanging I decided to shrink down my leaf size using my printer and some muslin. I took it down to 85% of the original size.

I added some aging grass

And now my leaves are Falling For YOU.

Since this hop was announced I had 2 fun things happen that fell nicely under this hop heading that I thought I would share with you cause everyone needs a smile.

I live in Sunny Florida. While it is not as hot as lots of the rest of the country we are currently at 90 plus degrees for over 100 days so far this year.  That generally means air conditioning and ceiling fans.  I love this whirly gig quilt while it was easy sewing it was a pain in the butt to get the colors placed correctly both color and angle.

I was using a very cinchy flannel backed vinyl table cloth and someone turned on the ceiling fan. Definitely Falling For Me

And last but not least yet another heat related item for this hop.
Yes that is a spoonful of  melting chocolate ice cream. my chin is at the tip top of the picture and that white knot is my waist.  Covered a lot of territory.

This is not the spoonful that fell.  This is the spoonful that followed 15 minutes later after the major clean up.  I'm guessing I was being punished by the powers that be. 😉😉

Thank you for stopping by. I do hope you have enjoyed the visit, I know I enjoyed having you.
For your hopping convenience I have included all of the participants in this event.  Those who have already posted have offered some very great ideas and beautiful work and I just know that the rest of the group will offer the same.

Take care and have fun.

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