Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Be A Diamond Blog Hop

Welcome to another fabulous hop thought up and coordinated by Carol from Just Let Me Quilt  Thanks to you Carol for all of the time and energy you spent on this fun event.

At first I was a bit timid about joining this hop because by first vision was of something like a Mariners Compass, so not my thing.  Carol assured me that I was overthinking the word diamond and I was just to have fun.

When it comes to Diamonds I have found the definition by quilters is a bit vague, broad and forgiving.

Pintrest shows lots of  "diamond" quilts that are squares on point.  I've done that.  This one was done for a dear very ill aunt back in February.

This one was done for H2H Challenge 2019.  Yes it is only a top because that is what Victoria's Quilts Canada  has requested.  They have quilters in Canada who will complete the tops sent to them.  Sending them only tops is so much cheaper to do then send quilts including batting and backing.  A win win.

Taken indoors

Taken outdoors in the wind. Ignore the rocks holding it down for the shot.

Deep down I still felt that I really needed to challenge myself with what I think of as a traditional diamond.  I found a block on pintrest that fit my vision.  

Then I turned it into a paper pieced pattern. I don't like to paper piece.  I have  taken several classes and I still have a real problem with perspective. But I really felt that I needed to paperpiece it to do it right. I did feel that I could do 1 block if time wasn't an issue. It took me over 2 hours to do this 8 x 8 block, but it was just what I wanted when it was done.  A very bright and cheery diamond mug rug.

1 of my goals for 2019 is that  a part of every hop I  participate in this year includes something I did on my embroidery machine to justify its existence in my life.

I found the perfect Diamond for this hops goal.  The pattern is from Curtsy Embroidery I love it.  Yes Carol,  I did have fun.  Thanks again.

****  Extra, Extra  ****

I finished the above post on Thursday last week.  Thursday night I was working on another scrap, string quilt (see my previous post)  and was looking for a machine embroidery quilt pattern to use on these blocks. Designs by ju ju had some great SASHIKO inspired quilt block patterns. I found this one and had to do a quickie "whatever" just to share it on this hop. Her patterns come in 4 -5 sizes and I was interested in the largest so that is what I stitched out  9.5 x 9.5.  I rolled the extra backing to the front for binding.

I got a piece a bit bigger than a mug rug and a bit smaller than a place mat. I'm calling it a breakfast mat for the time span of this post.

Just love it.


Below is a list of all of the participants in this hop.  If you haven't visited them yet, please do.  It will make your day.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to those of you who have left a comment, they are the best part of being part of a hop.