Monday, October 26, 2020

From the Heart Hop

 When Carol proposed this hop I joined immediately with a wonderful idea.  The problem with that was it was a long time ago and many new ideas have popped in and out of my very antsy brain.  Today's offerings have nothing to do with the ideas from then, I'll just save those up for another hop where they will be able to fit in with just a little tweeking.

So I'll begin with a very large THANK YOU to Carol for  coming up with yet another great idea for a very creative hop. 

A friend of mine recently asked if I could print out some note cards for her to send to her Honor Flight group.  That reminded me of this hops theme of From The Heart on many levels. The patterns are from Kristi at  I print them on a regular basis for Operation Shoe Box to use with the packages they send to our troops.

Once I printed out a group of cards for her I realized I needed to put them into something for delivery.  I knew just the thing I wanted to do but I had to find it.  Back in Septermber of 2011, yes 2011 I did a post where I used  a pattern I found  at originateandrenovate for a fabric envelope.

This is a super simple bag to make.  It calls for a button closure but I used velcro.  I thought that this idea would make a great gift for someone who still "writes notes" from the heart.  

If you're giving a gift where you  wanted to meet a $ level, like when there is a gift swap, you could always add a gift card or

a book of stamps and a pen.

As all of you who visit here know, I can't make one of anything.  Making a gift from the heart made me want to go a little bit beyond my beloved printer.  Next up was the embroidery machine.

Same basic concept.  Make cards to gift and put them in an envelope but this time I used a red work pattern that was on my machine from Kreative Kiwi  I see that they are currently on sale. I think 9 designs for $1.

I embroidered the design onto cardstock and then mounted that onto a background and then a card. Keeping with the theme of this hop I will be giving away to one of you who leaves a comment the 4 cards and envelope in the photo above.  I will pick a name on Halloween.

Once I was making cards I made 2 sets.  One for the give away here and one as a gift for a friend.

For my friend I am including the etched glass ornament I made. ( the etching, not the glass ornament )

I find that etching is super simple but taking pictures of the etching is really hard to do.  The ornament is about 2 1/2 inches across and only 3/4 of an inch deep. 

Last time I posted about etching I had used my Scan N Cut and several of you liked the concept but didn't have a cutting machine.  This ornament was done with a mailing label, pencil, scissors and etching cream.  Hopefully sometime around the 10th of the November I will do a simple tutorial post on how to do the etching without a machine and will include links to a couple of video's that I found helpful.

EXTRA, EXTRA Read all about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Up to this point in this post I was finished and set to publish on Saturday afternoon.
This morning my sister sent me a photo of her taking a walk with her grandson

I saw this photo and had to do something for this From the Heart post.

Have you all experienced, over the past couple of years, the urge to make a candy bag zip pouch. 
Well for some reason I saw this photo and knew that my sister (the bag/pouch hoarder) would love something using this picture.  So I treated it like a candy bag.

I printed it out on regular paper, adhered it to fabric with heat and bond and then covered it with iron on vinyl.  It worked up to a an 11 x 13 zip bag.

I figured it would be a good place to stash her gazillion face masks so I included a subtle hint or two.
Thank you for your patience, I'm done now, until next time.

Please continue hopping with the rest of the most amazingly creative people I know.  I am including a list of everyone participating for your convenience. 

October 26