Thursday, March 17, 2022

Time in a Bottle Blog Hop

 Welcome to my stop on the   Time In A Bottle   Blog Hop. This event has been coordinated by Carol of    Just Let Me Quilt    to whom we owe great thanks for her time and effort for us to have another play date.

When Carol and the team posted about this months title I was all in. My brain was very excited because I had never in all the years that I have been quilting, made an hour glass quilt. Yes I know we didn't have to make an hour glass quilt but since I had never done one, now was the perfect time.  What I did find out was that where I may not have ever made an hour glass quilt I had, but not registered that I had, made hour glass blocks on my path to somewhere else.  

I am a quilter who tends to follow patterns. So if a pattern said to make HST's and join them as in diagram 3, I did that. That it made an hour glass block never registered.  Looking back on my quilting accomplishments I see many hour glass blocks in their  various hiding places like in pin wheel blocks and many secondary patterns.

At about the time I started this project the list of organizations participating in this years   Hands 2 Help 2022   was posted. One of the organizations, Mercyful Quilts, mentioned quilts for Veterans so I went to my stash and pulled some Red, White and Blue and using Carol's tutorial for Hour Glass Blocks got going. By the way if you are interested, H2H22 kicks off this coming weekend.

The tutorial was great and I was amazed at how quickly I was able to knock out these blocks.

The only negative to this block is that I really needed to do some squaring up. OK lots of squaring up.  But once again like making the blocks, putting them together was also a quick and easy do. 

So  I have accomplished 2 things by participating in this hop, making an hour glass quilt and a quilt for the H2H 22 project. WIN, WIN. Thanks Carol.

Below is a list of all of the participants in this weeks event.  If you haven't stopped by yet to see what all of these talented ladies have come up with yet do yourself a favor and visit.  If you can, also let them know how great they are.  Til next time.