Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Tickled Pink


Welcome to my day for being Tickled Pink.  When Carla announced this hop I was truly Tickled Pink because I was actually going to be able to take one of my UFO's out of the to do box and get it done.


Can you guess where this is headed?

How about now?

Well now I actually have a friend who is having a baby and I thought her 5 year old daughter would be in need of a big sister quilt and I think this fits the bill perfectly.

Isn't she sweet?

The back is a pinky - purply grunge dot.
I will be making one of the Easy Peasy back packs to "wrap" this quilt in using the qrunge.

I originally made 2 of these tops based on the  Sew Fresh Quilts DOGGO pattern.             

They are from Lorna McMahon of Sew Fresh quilts  I love her patterns.  I think this is the 5th or 6th one of her patterns  I have done. I also know that I have done each one more than once.  This time, One in Blue and then one in Pink.  I'm not sure why other than I just keep falling in love with her designs. I had no little ones in mind when  I made them.

Such a great feeling of accomplishment. 

 So far this has been a wonderfully Pink week. Here is a complete list of the participants for your viewing pleasure.  Many thanks to Carla for another great hopping event.

Monday, February 14th