Monday, March 25, 2019

All About Strings - Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to day one of the All About Strings Hop.  Thanks to Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks  for once again taking the time to corral us all together for sharing of ideas, this time ideas All About Strings.

I've never been clear about the difference between strings and strips of fabric. When I tried looking it up I found that I was not alone in my confusion.  The guide line I choose to follow was a piece of fabric narrower than 2.5 inches that does not need to be consistent in width over its length.

A few months ago a quilting buddy handed me a bag of her scraps intended for stuffing of dog beds that is a standing project for our guild. The scraps looked awfully big for that project and I asked her if I could repurpose some of them for another charity type project.  No problem so long as I took them out of her space.

This is just some of what I found after I trimmed them into strings.

I had 5
 goals when I started this project:

1) Use up those donated scraps
2) Use my embroidery machine for the quilting of the project
3) Learn a new skill
4) Have a finished quilt for the H2H 2019 Challenge
5) Have a completed string project for this hop

All of the blocks I made were from scraps.  The only scraps I used that were not from the original bag were the starter pieces for each block. Those pieces were from the trim from the backing of my last quilt.


  After using my machine to quilt each block individually (goal #2)before joining them together

I then used  Leah Day's  Quilt As You Go tutorial to assemble the quilt. (goal #3)

This will be going to one of the H2H 2019 Charities.

I am happy to show you the completed project that successfully met all 5 of my goals.

Last week I took a class on making Half Log Cabin blocks.  I may have made a traditional Log Cabin block when I first started to quilt but over the years I have mostly done the block where you added odd sized pieces as you go around much  like the quilt above..

This class took a 2 inch strip (string) and you sewed onto it pieces of 4 blocks in various stages of completion.  So for kicks and giggles I am adding the quilt top I made to this posting as a second string  project,

The picture reflects true colors, Black and White novelty  prints with little pops of color all from my stash.

Now I want you  to go and visit the other posts for today for this fun hop.  I am including a list for your easy access.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and for taking the time to leave a note, they are so apprecitated.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

So What's New

It's been a busy few weeks in my sewing room.  Still waiting for the new table for my embroidery machine but that hasn't slowed me down one little bit.

I have been diligently working on my piece for the All About Strings blog hop coming up the week of the 25th of this month.  Just some of the strings I have been using.

In and around those projects I have been doing some embroidery for Easter.  I got a great bunny embroidery pattern by Brenda at Song Bird Designs

I've tested him on a couple of mug rugs and have requests for a couple of placemats which I hope to get to in the next week or so.

I have a friend who asked for a small gift for a charity auction for which she is the coordinator.  I again used the sweet bunny, this time for the front of a basket. I made several FSL Easter ornaments and will add Chocolates just before her event in mid April.

We will be having a new arrival in the family this summer and I thought I'd give a Burp Cloth a try. My local quilt shop has monthly Kimberbell classes.  I saw this little fella and had to have him.

My quilt guild had a baby shower for a local organization that supports unwed moms and families in need with very small children.  I contributed these 5 quickie receiving blankets made using the Missouri Star Quilt tutorial with fabric donated by other members of the group.

Then I saw these adorable little bears on Kreative Kiwi Embroidery I just had to make a couple and then make them sleeping bags.

The shower was a great success.  I play with a wonderfully generous group of ladies.  They filled 10 cafeteria type tables with goods ranging from quilts, diapers, onseies, toys and games for kids 5 and under and on and on.

So just one more fun photo. Its  of my girls who are feeling neglected of late.  They have a bed in my sewing room but have now taken to napping in the living room with the dad where they get a little bit more attention than I have been showing them since the Machine arrived in December. Don't they look deprived. tee, hee

Well that brings me up to date excluding the upcoming hop. You'll just have to come back on the 25th to see those happenings.  Hope to see you then.