Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Resolutions 2021

 Thanks go out to Carla for coming up with this ever so interesting Hop to wrap up 2020 and kick off 2021 in such a positive manner.  

A couple of years ago I used my blog to post my New Years resolution. It was to use my embroidery machine each month of the year by including an embroidered item in each hop I participated in. It  was successful. Being held accountable worked wonders for me.

When I first started my blog it was primarily for me to keep track of what it was I was crafting and why. From the beginning, what I made was wonderful quilting friends from around the world. I have spent most of my blogging time learning new skills and concepts from all of you generous people, truly a win win.

Resolution #1 is to go back to blogging on a more regular basis not just for hops.  While I am posting what I have accomplished for the hops I am not keeping track of the other stuff I have accomplished or hope to accomplish.  So I plan on having at least 1 non hop related post per month.

Resolution #2

Hopefully this group of 2020 UFO's will go away.

Resolution #2 should help with resolution #1.  I want to finish at least one of the items I have sitting in the to be finished pile per month. Not limited to 1 per month but at least one per month. some are small and just need me to sit down and DO IT. The group above are the starts not finished from just this year. There are 14 projects lying there.

Next up are the pre 2020 UFO's that I still would like to see finished. The first picture below are the more recent UFO's.  Maybe 2 years oldish.  Placemats and mug rugs.

Next up are Santa and the snowmen, items that are 6 plus years old.  They are half quilted. I have no idea why they are still hanging around. I take them out regularly and do nothing.  This go round I have separated them into 3 separate baggies hopefully if I can get one of them done I'll feel better.    

Oh and yes I do have other UFO's but they don't interest me anymore so adding them to these would, I think, cast a negative vibe. Also there may be a couple of more from this year that need finishing that are buried in the disaster that is my sewing space.  Those will be added to the group as I find them.
(2 weeks after writing this paragraph and I have found 2 more)

Last but not least Resolution #3 is that I want to work on staying focused on a project without a deadline or it becoming another UFO. It amazes me how focused I can be if I have to be, as in a date for a blog hop post, otherwise I just bounce from idea to idea. This is the reason I have the need for resolutions #1 and #2.  

So here they all are nicely collected in one place where I can just reach in and pull something out when I need something to do. At the moment there are 19 projects. I'm aiming for 12 completions but will be thrilled with at least 6.  I'll keep you posted in upcoming blog posts 😉😉😉



I am looking forward to reading everyone's resolutions and being on the lookout for different perspectives on what each of us wants and or needs to get done going into the New Year.

Here is a complete list of all of us who are sharing our goals today.  Go visit, leave a note and Last but definitely not least I am wishing all of you a Very Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year. 


  1. I like how everything is 'packaged' ready for just a pick.

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  2. They are great Resolutions. I, too, need to have things in front of me to get them done. I take the UFO's out and think yes I will get it done and then neatly put them back and then forget about them!! I am trying really hard to get them done before I start anything else!! Have a great 2021. Hugs & Love, Susie xx

  3. Great resolutions, those UFOs are just too adorable to not finish them! Great box, gathering all the current projects, very handy! Happy New Year ;)

  4. When you are successful with each of your resolutions, you will feel amazing. During the last half of this year when I retired, I started sorting through my sewing and finished up a lot of projects that were stored, forgotten and waiting to be a finish. I only have a couple of very small insignificant loose ends to do something with, but it is such a great feeling to complete so many starts and remove them from unseen storage. Good luck. I’ll be watching your progress.

  5. I like resolution #1 and need to apply that one to my blog as well. Here's to starting 2021 off right!

  6. Great idea of organizing the ufo's. I love you can just grab a bag and focus on that project. I have loved, loved, loved seeing your embroidery projects in the hops. You always bring smiles. Happy New Year!

  7. Your quilting resolutions sound great! Best wishes for 2021.

  8. Great goals, good luck on achieving them! Happy New Year!

  9. Good luck with moving those lovely items to the finish line.

  10. Oh finishing those UFOs is something many of us are planning to finish up in 2020. Love how you have yours so organized.

  11. I totally admired you for your embroidery goal and how you stuck to it. I loved seeing all the things you made! Bagging things individually is a great idea and doesn't seem quite so overwhelming. Blogging more seems to be a goal of a lot of people. I need to do that too, plus read more blogs. Have a Happy New Year, Selina!

  12. Love your goals. Finishing up old projects sometimes feels like a black hole. But finishing them gives you such a sense of accomplishment.

  13. I love that you have your UFOs all in one place! It'll be so handy to just grab one and sew!!!
    Best of luck!
    Happy Quilting! :-)

  14. Looks like you have some great organization. Good luck with your goals.

  15. I want to use my embroidery machine more as well. Looking forward to your posts during the year. Happy New Year.

  16. Oh, you make me laugh. Finding more UFO's is a regular thing around here. I just can't figure out where they hide to begin with. I'm looking forward to seeing more of you this year. Happy New Year!

  17. I will look forward to seeing your posts as you progress through that box of UFOs. Good luck and happy finishing!!

  18. Looks like you are all organized and ready to tackle those resolutions. Wishing you a happy, healthy and blessed new year!

  19. Wow! Being that organized at the start of the year should keep you on track to meet your goals! 😉

  20. I need to go on a UFO hunt as every year I forget a few of them. Good luck with your resolutions.

  21. Can't wait to see how you do with your UFOs. I've been trying to get rid of mine and the pile is smaller. Yay!

  22. Great resolutions! I have a number of older UFOs as well. I say 2021 is our year to get them done!! LOL

  23. Great resolutions! Can't wait to see what happens with the UFO's

  24. Well good for you, Selina! I am applauding your determination to finish UFOs. That's a hefty, but very worthwhile goal, especially when it helps get your sewing area organized, and perhaps more open for new projects. I have never been one to set myself resolutions. Because I am the sort of person who cannot let a resolution be UNfulfilled, I would not be able to enjoy making anything knowing the OBLIGATION to complete resolutions. It's not a happy way to live. If I could just let commitments roll off me, that would be great... but I cannot. So, no list; no unhappiness. :-) Still, I greatly respect those people like you who set a goal for themselves. You will no doubt be wildly successful with the task you've set. I'll be your cheerleader!

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