Tuesday, January 5, 2021

2021 - 1

 Happy New Year

One of my top 3 resolutions for this year is to post a lot more often here on my blog to keep track of what it is I'm doing in my quilting (crafting) life. Another of the resolutions was to finish some of the UFO's I have putting aside in "The Box",  maybe not all but hopefully many.  

So lets begin.  I did take a baggy out of "The Box New Years Eve starting the new year on the right foot. 

 I did intentionally take a very small project so I could have a great feeling of accomplishment. These are mug rugs I started maybe 2 years ago for a demo I did for my guild.

Ya Hoo, 1 down and about 18 or so to go

I have also started another project.  It started as a Leader/Ender project solely to use the triangles I keep acquiring while making masks.  

from triangle to 3 1/2 inch unfinished squares

They will be used in making the REMAINDERS quilt using the pattern from Amanda Jean Nyberg's book NO SCRAP LEFT BEHIND. I did make a quilt using this pattern a couple of years ago and just loved it.

I have also pulled my fabrics for the upcoming hop  Hearts on Fire  see that button up there on the right.  The requirements for this hop are to include some kind of heart and it can't be RED.   I realize that one of the choices in the picture looks red but it is in actuality a really great orange. Trust me on that.

Retirement has given me great opportunity to belong to several organizations that do a lot of charitable/fund raising crafting throughout the year. This year I want to keep track of how much of this type of thing I am doing. So every non hop post will end with a list of the regularly made items that I have done and turned in since the previous post. The list will include the following:

I do a lot with Operation Shoe Box, an organization that sends goodie boxes to our troops. I work with  3-4 different groups within the organization.  I make macramé bracelets that are included in the boxes. I print note cards with Patriotic themes that others hand write notes in for each box that goes out the door.

I work with their fund raiser group who make goodies to sell to raise money for shipping these boxes out. For them I make masks, zip pouches, key fobs etc.  Anything small that will tempt someone to donate to the cause. 

Another group is Abundance of Love who make yarn items for Hospital patients, hats, scarves, and items to sell for shipping costs. I crochet hats.

And then there is my Quilt guild chapter.  As a group we do preemie quilts for one of the large Orlando Hospitals.  We make these tiny, 11 or 17 inch squares, that are very lightly quilted themed quilts for Easter, 4th of July, Halloween and Christmas. The hospital schedules first photos for these occasions for these little ones. Our quilts are wonderful backdrops and memories for their first holiday photos. We also make dog/cat beds for the local animal shelter.

Throughout the year TQPM sends out requests for small shelter quilts for shelters in need.  Usually because they are covering for areas with major natural disasters such as fires and floods. More information can be found on this project at the link.

January 1 through January 5

  • bracelets                 30
  • masks                     16
  • zip bags                    2
  • key fob                     0
  • print cards              24 
  • crochet hats              0
  • preemie quilts           0
  • small kennel quilts   0
  • dog beds                   0       

Well I think I am off to a positive start on my resolutions for 2021.  Hope that it continues for a few more months at least.  Hope to see you in a couple of weeks at the Hearts on Fire hop.  I post on January 20.

Stay safe, stay healthy.


  1. Well you've sure started 2021 on the right foot! I do believe I recognize those appliquéd shapes! :-) What a great way to finish them. If you'll send me pictures of them, I'll be sure to add them to our CFMQG show and tell next Monday evening. Pics would be a good reminder of that meeting workshop. Thank you! Love what you're doing with all those triangles too. No waste, right? I remember the quilt you made from Amanda Jean's book. That IS a good book. Enjoy your Hearts on Fire project. Oddly enough, I have NEVER liked the heart shape, and avoid them at all costs. But that's what makes quilting universally enjoyed... we can each create and make whatever we want. Keep up the good work!

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