Friday, June 19, 2015

More Place mats, Love-seat protection and my first 1 hour basket

If anyone asked what crafting I would be doing this past week after I posted my last blog I would have said finish a quilt top that is in progress or work on my  Vortex scrap blocks. Didn't work out that way.

On Monday I went to JoAnns armed with coupons and picked up some home dec fabric that I could use for furniture protection.We have a very active dog who is allowed full run of the furniture. (Bad parenting skills) The love seat is leather and is about 3 months old.  It is already showing signs of dog scratches. We tried covering the love seat with a quilt but its shear weight on the slippery leather made it fall off several times a day. I came up with this two piece idea that can be pulled off in seconds for company or for laundering.

  I had a little left and made a couple of pillows for the sofa.  

Who could holler at that face?

While I was at JoAnns I found this piece of burlap that worked up wonderfully for a summer catch all on the porch.  It too was on sale. This is the one hour basket that you can find the tutorial for free on Craftsy.  Really does get done in an hour or less.  

And last but far from least I managed to pop out 4 placemats. We are going to visit friends in their new home. They love placemats, so I thought I'd find a block that I liked and have at it.

I used some half square triangles with a white background and pale grey binding. The back which I forgot to photograph is white with grey lines in chevrons. 

All in all a very productive week. Maybe next week I can finish that quilt top I started.

Monday, June 15, 2015

New Scrap Project and some Knitting

I decided to join  in the Scrap Vortex QAL with Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts. My biggest problem going in was that I had a minimal scrap pile.  I had gotten rid of all of my scraps before I moved in February.

These are my small scraps

and this is my box of longer scraps.
I did find a bag of scraps from a friend who dropped them on me before she moved that I have incorporated into mine. 

I did find that I have mostly scraps that are from 2 1/2 in strips my favorite size of fabric to work with so my pieces are going to be a little large.  This is where I started. I took a piece from the smaller box and a piece from the bigger box without looking and sewed them together

Trimmed them down, and  sub cut some

and ended up with this wall full for my week one.  We are in week two so I need to go back and start putting these together before week 3  starts on Wednesday.

I also managed to loom a hat for Angel Snugs to send to a pediatric oncology unit

and to whip up a couple of  knitted wash clothes for their annual fund raiser. 

On to a non quilt related note.  Nettie's sister got released from medical hold and we should have her come to live with us mid July.   We are having lots of company coming in the next 3 weeks and felt it would be better for her to come after the commotion has died down.  She is a very timid dog and we want her to start off  in her forever home on a positive note. She will be coming for at least one play date before her full time arrival.  

Friday, June 5, 2015

Little Letters and Placemats and Nettie

This weekend we are meeting our very good friends, grand niece, for the first time.  We have been family friends for the past 30 some odd years. To celebrate this meeting I made her a quilt.

 It is from the Little Letters Quilt Along that Temecula Quilt Company had last fall.  I just love this quilt for little ones.

I had this wonderful little flower print in my stash that I think went perfectly with it.

I was so happy when I got it finished and was ready to wrap it when I remembered this wonderful Easy Peasy Backpack Tutorial.  I was so excited with the idea and to be done before deadline that I got carried away with myself. I really need to slow down.

See the little mishap in the photo. Should have been through the loop.

The big problem was that the tutorial calls for knotting the ends of the strap strips.  I like mine nicely sewn together better than tied.  It would have been so much easier to untie a knot. Oh well. Ripper and I had a lovely chat while undoing a few stitches.

Here is the quilt all wrapped up and ready to go. I am really happy with the outcome and I am pretty sure she will be happy too.

This week at our quild meeting we had a mini class on making the Mile A Minute Quilt. It's the quilt where you use your small scraps to make blocks and then you make them into a quilt.  This version is when you use a long strip of fabric as a starting point to speed up the process.  It works quite well.

Here a couple of the blocks I made during the meeting.   I am currently participating in the  Scrap Vortex QAL with AmandaJean of Crazy Mom Quilts.  Her blocks are similar so I didn't want to make more of this new version at this time.

I used the blocks I made at the guild meeting to make a couple of place mats. I just knew if I didn't use them for something immediately I would toss them in a baggy and they would sit there forever.

I'm really thrilled with how they turned out.

Just an update on Nettie,  she has made herself at home.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

We gave her the recliner but she apparently felt she deserved bigger and better. She has not only taken over the love seat but the quilt as well.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

H2H 2015 Commitment Completed

This year I committed to making 3 quilts for the H2H 2015 Challenge.  I am happy to say that last night at 10:45 I completed the third quilt.

Of the 3, this one is my favorite. So bright and cheery.

I wasn't sure I'd be finished with these in time since over the past 2 weeks I've flown back and forth to NJ twice. 2 weeks ago we went back for a memorial service for MJ's side of the family and while there signed off on the house we were selling. 

We got home for the holiday weekend and I quilted these last 2 quilts, only the bindings to go and a full week till the linky party.  Best laid plans.

Monday night I got a call that my dad's youngest sister had passed away. Wednesday I was back on a plane to NJ. It was a bitter sweet trip. With all of the sadness of her death and the beautiful funeral service ( she worked for NYPD for many years so there was an honor guard and bag pipes) came the up side of seeing cousins that sadly to say we are seeing more and more at funerals than family reunions.  I have 30 first cousins on this side of the family spread out over 7 states. 17 of us made it to the funeral.

Came back Friday and started on the bindings.  This picture is of the backing for quilt one.  Too much sun, the fabric is more pale yellows and pale bright pink than this photo shows.

This was the second of the quilts bound this weekend.

Here is a close up of the bird houses that comprise the centers. It is from the same line of fabrics as the first quilt I finished for the challenge.

I missed taking a photo of the back which was a Target sheet patterned with pale gray and white tiny chevrons

This is the first quilt I finished for this years challenge it is made up of various birds in the center.

I backed it with polka dots.

I hope to get them in the mail this week.

Thanks need to go out to  Sarah for coordinating and guiding us through yet another great Challenge year.  Thanks also to all of the other participants of this years challenge.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sew Busy couple of weeks

I've had a pretty productive couple of weeks.  Several weeks ago I had the privileged of winning the latest pattern by Christina Cameli of A Few Scraps,   Magic Carpet. 

It is a stunning modern quilt which I had to make almost as soon as I received it. Chritinas quilt was done all in solids. My version has a great monster novelty fabric down the middle instead of another solid. I also modified her version by dropping the last column on either end and one row in the middle.

Her pattern finishes at 69 x 75 which was a wee bit to large for the child's version I was making.  Mine came in at  57 x 62.  The pattern was clear and easy to follow. It included  a grid where you could note or clip your fabric choices for a quick reference as well as a coloring page where you could try out your color choices.

Thank you so much Christina, I am sure I will make this pattern again.

Next up are these neat little bags on ribbons.  My guild makes them for woman to use after breast cancer surgery. They are to hold the drainage tubes and keep them out of the way. We make them and donate them to local oncology units at area hospitals.  They are quick and easy to make. I believe they averaged about 10 minutes each to put together.  They might go a bit quicker but I did french seams because I don't have a surger. Actually it took me longer to attach the ribbons then to make the little pouch.

I also managed a couple of place mats for the guild which I forgot to take photos of.  I believe the guild gives them to members who are in need of cheering up. I'm rather new to the guild so I'm a little fuzzy on the details.

Last but not Least is my 3rd quilt for the Hands 2 Hands Challenge 2015. See the button to the right. This pattern was showcased on Mother's Day over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict

The tutorial was by Joanne  It is a really quick and easy quilt and her tutorial was spot on. I did it using 2 1/2 inch strips.  I used a Jelly Roll which contained 20 strips that I got on special at my local JoAnns plus a few additional from my stash.

This is the block the quilt is made up of.  A great chain piecing event. I finished the top in a weekend. 

So my current status on the H2H 2015 is one quilt totally finished and 2 tops totally finished.  I believe I'll be done with these 2 on time.

So off I go to sandwich.  

Sunday, May 10, 2015

H2H 2015 Quilt number 2 - ALMOST

Three or four weeks ago I saw a sweet quilt posted on thecolorfulfabriholic  by Jan.  She is making it for this years H2H (see the button on the right).  I figured I had enough stash to make a similar one for the same cause.      

This is my version, entirely from my stash. It finished at 48 x 64.  

The ALMOST I ran into was that friends of ours came for dinner the other night and fell in love with it. Please, please can we have it.  It walked out my front door so fast I never got pictures of it.  These are the pictures of the quilt from it's new home.

Inside and out.

Front and back.  

I'm thinking that my problem is that I am ahead of schedule this year on my H2H quilts. Oh well, that's what retirement is all about, right.  

Meanwhile I'm more than sure that I have enough stash to get another one done in time.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Baby Quilt for MJ

I left Jersey in February knowing that I had to make a baby quilt for a friends first grand son. I knew I had plenty of time. Ha, ha, ha.  Last week a mutual friend called to tell me the baby had arrived. I hadn't started  the quilt yet.  so much for lots of time

A few years ago I saw this idea all over the blog world.  I am very sorry but I never noted the pattern designer or the actual name of the pattern.  This version is from my memory.  I have no idea if the letters of the original were appliqued or pieced, if the quilt was rectangular or square etc. etc. 

Last winter I joined in the Little Letters sew along at Temecula Quilt Company.  I used those letters for my quilt. I did it over the course of 5 evenings and a quilt morning. My version ended up as a 48 inch square. 

I backed it with a cotton sheet of white with blue pin dots.  It will be mailed this week and this child will get his quilt before he's a  month old.  He won't know it's a wee bit late. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fun Quick Bag

On a daily basis I get ideas from  A new idea every morning. The ideas are all over the map, clothes, stuffed animals, household items, bags, pin cushions etc. etc. etc.  All come with instructions. I have gotten ideas for several gifts from this site and would recommend it.

A couple of weeks ago the great Easy Peasy Backpack  was the item of the day.  It may have taken me 2 weeks to try it but I've now made 4 of them in 5 days.

What I love the most about them is that you don't need anything beyond your fabric stash, no hardware required.  I believe it takes about a yard of fabric which includes the lining and the draw string.

The blue with pink bag was made following the instructions with only one exception.  The instructions call for the drawstring to be tied in a knot and I sewed the ends together.  It took roughly an hour and a half to make it (with no interruptions).

I then made another for me in a dark print that I have been hording for years.  I ended up using the trimmings for simple interior pockets.  That bag, that I made for me walked out the door with a friend the next day. She saw it hanging on the back of the chair after the photo shoot.

Bag 3, a twin to bag 2 has also found a new home.  On to bag 4 which is close to bag 2 and 3 but not a triplet. This time instead of making the draw string I used store bought cord which I had in my stash.  This really sped up the process. The draw string is about 3 1/2 yards long and required a lot of ironing which is not my favorite thing to do. Easy but not my cup of tea.

Tied knots this time, knots seem to go well with the cord.

Again used the trimmed off pieces to make pockets.

I will, no doubt, make these again.  I think they would make a great gift bag and I have plenty of time left before Christmas not to mention the Christmas yardage in my stash. ;)