Sunday, November 13, 2022

Music hop

Hi there. This post will give you a teeny tiny bit of my background. So here we go....I think of myself as a good big sister  and aunt etc. etc. I am a very good and supportive friend and I am in a very loving lifetime reationship. I am a lifetime crafter who will try any craft at least once but mainly a quilter.  I believe mainly a quilter due to the support of this group. I've been hanging out and learning from so many of you for I believe, more than 10 years.  But the key information you need to know from me today is 


So, welcome to my day at the Music hop

I really can't carry a tune at all. Friends and family shut me down on a regular basis when exposed to my attempts so figuring out what to do for this hop was a wee bit of a challenge. And then the obvious answer popped into my head.

As I previously mentioned 

I can't carry a tune in a basket

I haven't made a throw pillow in ages and this one went together with no issues until the very last minute when I went to put the pillow in and realized I never got one.  So for these pictures I stuffed my pillow case with batting scraps, not exactly the look I was going for but it hits the nail on its head.

I used the same fabric on the back that I used for the background for the basket.

I loved how it turned out and I so enjoyed running with a silly idea.
Below find the list of all of the participants in this hop. I'm looking forward to lots of great ideas and additions to my to do list from this very talented group..
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, October 17, 2022

Gremlins, Goblins and Ghouls OH My Blog Hop


Gremlins, Goblins and Ghouls OH My Blog Hop

Welcome to my day to celebrate with you our Gremlins, Gobblins and Ghouls  Hop.

Several years ago in the 2018 Peek a Who blog hop I came across this Halloween embroidery by Elizabeth Coughlin Designs called  Jack Make - Dos   and fell in love.  

I completed one as a pillow for a friend. Then did one for me which I got embroidered before the change of seasons but never finished it into something for me.  

Instead it has been keeping me company on my incomplete projects wall.  

Probably got more of my attention there than being put away in the Halloween decorations box.

Well this hop gave me timely incentive to give these guys a life of their own.  

I really love them framed instead of in a place mat or mug rug, and I think in a frame they will stay out for a much longer time frame, maybe the whole year, we'll see.

While I'm still quilting (knocked out 4 quickie toddler quilts for day care) and doing a little  hand stitching, I am having fun using my cutting machines.  I have done a few Halloween themed pieces and have a couple to share that I feel fit in with this hops theme.

Both are greeting cards.  The pumpkin is an SVG I found on line and just cut it from HTV and ironed it onto a blank card.

The great design of the haunted house is from Cricut Design Space. It's a pop up card.

Well I hope you enjoyed your visit with me and the others who are on todays schedule.  For your convenience I have included the entire list of participants for the week below.

A big thanks to Joan  our fearless leader  of this and so many other great hops, from Moose Stash Quilting.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Queen of Gadgets

This months fun hop is all about our favorite quilting gadgets.The  hop is being coordinated by Carol from  Just Let Me Quilt     Thanks so much for another fun time.                      .

My favorite gadget is a wooden binding-winder that can be found at Sawyer Creek Artistry     

I got mine at a quilt show in Dayton Beach a couple of years ago. I actually picked up about 10 of them but at least 5 have been gifted over the years.  

I have checked the link and see that they are still making them and that you can request them in different widths to accommodate your favorite binding.

During covid I was part of a group making hundreds of masks.  I found that these wondeful binding holders were really great for holding stuff other than binding, such as miles of elastic

I know I also used them to hold yarn for color changes while making hats but can't find an example for this post but figure you can get the general idea looking at the elastic.

And then of course there is the fact that it is made to hold binding.

They are great for binding storage.  These 2 are great examples.  You can see the width and get a good guess as to the approximate length of your left overs.

I do have a few more favorite gadgets but the following 2 are in my opinion way up on my list.

2 seasons ago on Super Bowl Sunday I ended up in the emergency room because I tried to cut off my pointer finger tip with my rotary cutter.  Thankfully I failed. Several of my quilting buddies suggested the suction cup ruler holder.  I personally thought at the time it was a bit much but I have come to love mine.

And then there is this wonderful ruler that cuts in 1/2 inch increments. Makes cutting strips so easy and so much more accurate. And I know that this is a quilters hop but I have been known to use my quilting gadgets for things other than quilts.

These photos are from our Virtual Cookie Exchange   from 2015 showing just how versatile this ruler is

I used it with a pizza cutter to cut perfectly square pieces of fudge.

I hope you have enjoyed your stop here and all of the previous stops.  I know I have already started an Amazon list for this coming weekends order of goodies. 

Here is a complete list of all of the hoppers who are participating this week.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

UFO Blog Hop


I just knew that when Joan announced this hop I would have a great time. Where to begin?  UFO can mean a few things to quilters, Unfinished Objects and we all have them which makes this such an inclusive hop.

I only needed to find my UFO bin to have something that would work for me and the hop.

I found this one and thought that I had pulled it a couple of years ago to finish, apparently not.

It was full of the original pins and its half quilted.
I tried to find a blog from the past where I posted about it or should I say them.  I made several as Christmas gifts one year and this one was supposed to be mine. The best I could do was find a note about one hanging at my sisters for so long we didn't remember when I made them.  The note was dated 1/1/12 which makes it more than 10 years in the making.

Well it is now a done deal.   OOPS, I think I forgot the eye balls, tee hee.

Ok fixed that. It is NOW a done deal. Ya Hoo
Thank you Joan, it's a wonderful feeling to see it completed.

The other UFO, Unidentified Flying Object is right up my alley.  Back in June of 2021 Joan hoasted the Fairy Tales Blog Hop

At that time I made and posted about The Tardis which  stands for Time And Relative Dimension in Space.  Its the Police Public Call Box that  Doctor Who travels in. Its a Type 40 time and space machine from Gallifrey, his home planet but I only got as far as finishing the top.  I did get it quilted right after the Hop but never got around to the binding. Again, a project for me and those seem to be the ones left as UFO's the most often.

So I have now taken my Tardis and finished it.  It is no longer an unfinished quilt project. 

A UFO by any other name.

Joan thanks so much, I had a great time and am already looking forward to the next adventure.

Below is a list of all the participants for this event.  You'll have a great time if you take a few minutes and visit with them all and let them know how great their clean up has been.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Here Comes the Sun - Blog Hop

 Good morning and welcome to another Sunny day in the world of blogging quilters.  Thanks so much Carol from Just Let Me Quilt for coordinating this HOT - HOT - HOT adventure.

Later this summer I am heading to NJ to visit with some family and some friends.  I just know that the friends part will include shopping for fabric and yarn at some of my old favorite haunts.

Did you know that NJ has pretty much banned the use of paper and plastic bags at stores. Pretty much it's a bring your own bag world there now.  

That being the case I thought I'd make a shopping bag to take on my trip. Since I didn't want boring I thought I'd take the Florida sun to Jersey with me.


I pulled the stuff from various stash areas in my crafting spaces.  I didn't think I needed a pattern. I used a local food store fabric bag as my guide for sizing.  


As many of you know I have a thing for Cotton Canvas Drop cloths as a great go to cheap fabric for odd creations.  I thought it would work perfectly for  a shopping tote.  I didn't want to line it and because it does fray I thought I would just make it using French Seams.  

I also planned out, before cutting, how to use the finished edges on the original tarp for the very top of the tote to avoid fraying there.

All things considered my plan worked well.  The French seams were easy to do but because of them I mucked up the size I cut the boxed bottom by a bit. I think I did my measuring backward when adding in the additional fabric for the extra seams. 

I would have preferred it a bit wider and less deep at the bottom.  I don't think it will stop me from piling fabric into it though.

While I was knocking out the numbers for cutting the tote I knew I would have  a few good sized scraps to use and decided to make a small zip pouch for all of the diagrams, drawings, pens and maybe a pattern or 2 that I tend to take shopping with me. Bonus was that I found that cute little tassel for the zipper pull while I was looking for a yellow zipper. The yellow fabric is a lot sunnier than I could get it to show in a photo.


I can't begin to count how many zip pouches I have made over the course of my quilting life.  This little super simple cutie was a bear to make with no recent practice.  I really should not start a new project at 10PM.   I put the first side together just fine.  Second side needed me to totally rip it appart because I put the layers in the wrong order. Zipper on the bottom just does not work. Then after I fixed that problem I turned the thing inside out and closed the turn opening and was pressing the finished pouch and I realized that I never actually sewed the applique in place.  It's currently holding on with Heat and Bond Lite.  It does look great and maybe one of these days I will open it back up and sew it down before I toss it in the laundry.

Well if nothing else I am ready to have fun buying fabric on my trip. 

Thanks for stopping by for the visit and please take a minute or two or three to visit all of the other participants in this fun, sun event.  I've listed them all here for you to refer to.

June 20