Monday, July 27, 2020

Christmas in July (then and now)

             Welcome and Merry Christmas.  Thanks to Carol for hosting this wonderful annual event.

(Meet Bunny, my mask model )

One of the positives of spending so much time at home (besides learning how to make face masks)  these days has been the good time spent using my toys.  Especially toys that spent most of their time in their travel bags.  A little over a year ago I got a ScanNCut  with the intention of using it to cut fabric for applique. 

I took several project classes and enjoyed them, put the unit back in the bag and there it stayed until next class.   Well in April I decided it was time to find it, it's own spot where I could use it whenever I wanted without the packing and unpacking that always stopped me from starting a new project.  This hop was a perfect opportunity to learn what it was actually capable of doing besides cutting fabric.

After much time watching YouTube I decided to start this hop by playing with fabric and Vinyl.  I started with this adorable mug rug.  

Well if I was going to gift it I thought that it needed a matching gift bag.

Oh and a card.  The card is the vinyl ironed onto a card made from photo copying the fabric onto card stock.

This is the vinyl that  is used to decorate tee shirts.  You iron it on and its there pretty much forever and is washable.  ( I haven't tested the washing part yet)

I found that this is very addicting.  Can't believe  it took me so long to play this way with this machine.

Anyhow, the next project was this table runner.  I saw these design files and had this fabric in my stash and knew they would be a perfect Christmas gift.

I still needed to find something to do with this train design from the set that I HAD to use.  It was too big for a mug rug, my usual go to item.  Next on my go to list are place mats.  

This design is also the center of the table runner.

So this  set of place mats is another gift done and off my Christmas to do list.

OK so now I'm antsy to see what else I could do using my ScanNCut  for Christmas.  Back out to YouTube and there it was ............. Glass Etching.

I gave it a try on a glass mug using a simple design.  It went really well.  So I decided to use one of the trees from the place mats for my next try.  

It was a very detailed design to do and probably too detailed to try again anytime soon, but it was a successful adventure that is very hard to photograph.  Everything reflects off of it.

And then I found yet another idea, this one I didn't have time to finish but definitely worth sharing the concept with all of you.

ScanNCut  not only cuts it draws and one of the videos I saw was about taking a drawing / design and drawing it onto fabric.  I found this design online 

printed it out for some Blue Work.  Hindsight says I probably should have chosen a much lighter ink color for my base and yes this will be a mug rug.

Now for those of you who have gotten this far, you are welcome to leave a comment and I will pick one of you for my Christmas give away.  The gift will be this mug rug, gift bag and card from the very beginning of this post.  I'll pick a winner next Monday, noon Eastern.

Thanks for stopping by and please stop in for a visit and a little Good Cheer from all of the other participants in this hop who I have noted below.

Please Stay safe.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Keeping Busy

With all this staying home I'm doing I have determined to get some good use out of my ScanNCut. If I see something I find interesting I YouTube it to death and give it a try.

These cards were done using files found on google  and files that are on the SNC itself. They are made using vinyl on card stock.

These cards are made using a watercolor file printed onto card stock and then having the mandala design cut out and attached to a plain cardstock backing.

No need of the SNC for this set of Granny potholders. It is just one of 8 sets made so far since March.  They are what I do when I watch TV.  They are just 42 rounds of single crochet.

This week I came across  "Safety First" for Moda panels to make silly masks. This was a fun break from the other masks I've been making on a weekly basis.

Back to using the SNC I saw a video on glass etching and thought I'd give that a try.
Dollar Tree is such a lovely place to shop for plain glass pieces.

It's very hard to take photos of etched glass.

I also worked on tee shirts for family.  My niece and her husband are triathletes. They sent me a picture of their 1 year old on a bike so what else could I do. 

A friend of mine does Swedish Weaving and thought I might be interested in giving it a try. I do love the outcome of this pincushion but I cheated on how I got there.

And then I managed to get a quilt top done.  Hopefully I will get it sandwiched and quilted by this time next week.

So that pretty much covers most of what I've been up to with the exception of the goodies I have been working on for next weeks  Christmas in July (then and now) Blog Hop. Hopping to see you there for all of the wonderful ideas that will be showcased by all of the participating quilters

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Stitching Sunshine

When Carla presented the Stitching Sunshine blog idea I was all in with an empty mind.  I was really excited to come up with something sunshiney/yellow.  Not a color I use often.  The problem I ended up with was that I lost the idea of sunshine and got stuck on the word yellow.

I needed to make a 1st birthday quilt for my great nephew and one morning I woke up with the idea "Yellow Submarine".  2 birds with one stone, right?

this is a close up of the smallest 2.5 inches long and the largest 9.5 inches long
This is also the only picture reflecting the true color of the water.

Each row goes in a different direction and decreases in size.

It was difficult to get all the rows in one shot.

I do have to admit that I love this quilt.  Hope the baby does too. The applique design is by  .    The only minor problem with it is that half way through I realized that it was yellow and as far from sunshine as one could possibly get. 😉

So that was just the excuse I needed to make this postcard.  You know, redeem myself and add "SUN".

Apparently I was on a Beatles memory lane run. 

I had wanted to give Iron On Vinyl a shot on a postcard just to see if it was up to the rigors of the US mail.  I sent it to a friend and am waiting for an analysis of how it did.

Last but definitely not least.  I wanted to make a Birthday Card for a dear friend and figured that while I had all of those scraps out from the appliqued subs I would add her card to this Sunny/Yellow  hop.

My sister is into Iris paper folding and had this great design for the birthday cupcake.

I took the stencil and fudged my way through setting up the Happy Birthday on my Scan N Cut. 

Then I folded glued and taped my fabric to the back. 

No sewing therefore no stitches, so I don't even know if it actually qualifies for this event but I know it will be appreciated by all of you who are so good at doing what you need to do to get the job done.
And Happy Birthday June, hope you got the actual card before reading about it here.

So Thank you Carla for a great idea for making my brain work again while learning to live around this new normal.  

Please stop by and visit the other Sun Shiny participants and enjoy their ideas  and let them know what you think of their wonderful work.  Here is the complete list for your convenience.

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Sunday, May 31, 2020

H2H 2020 - Contributions

One of the small positives of being home so much of 2020 is the time available for sewing and very few quilting requests on my to do list leaving me wide open to quilt for others.

I was able to get a kick start on H2H 2020 in 2019
I got this quilt that went to Quilty Hugs done I think back in December.

I know I got the blocks done for this quilt that also went to Quilty Hugs in December.

This is just the back to the quilt above, I just loved it as much as the front.

This quilt went to Mercyful Quilts

This sweet little quilt went to Little Lambs Foundation for Kids

Our guild chapter had a "Baby Shower" a couple of weeks ago for a local organization The Childrens Home Society. Several of the members donated flannel and I made these 3 self binding receiving blankets.

I used the tutorials from Missouri Star and Fat Quarter shops

This final submission went to the same organization.  It's a quilt as you go using left over strips from other projects.

Thank you so much 
For taking all the time needed and the organization involved to make this annual event a huge success. Growing yearly by leaps and bounds.  If you aren't familiar with this event please click on the link and view some of the other wonderful quilts going to those who are in need of quilty hug.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Last month a friend of mine asked if I could send her the cutting dimensions for the pieces of a 12 inch finished saw tooth block.  This friend is more of a knitter than a quilter. I told her sure and graphed a block, included the dimensions and sent it to her. 

A few hours after sending her the info I started to second guess myself and my speedily drafted block detail.  I figured that I should just make a block using my numbers just to be sure.

TA DA, my numbers worked and my start to this hops contribution was on it's way totally by chance.  I looked at the block for a while and wondered what I was going to do with yet another stray block.  At this point it was still a block in my head, not yet a square.

I don't think I thought square until I looked at the graphed version again.  That's when the idea to make it the center of a table topper for the summer hit me.

I looked at this larger square for awhile and decided that it wasn't going to fit anywhere in my house and most all of my friends and family already have RWB table toppers or runners already.

Well why not just go bigger.  I love how it came out. It's a 48 inch Square.

It was one of the easiest quilts I've ever put together and it was all from my stash.  I will probably do it again but looking at it in this finished state I would probably add a 2 inch border using the background fabric to make it float a bit before the binding.

Next up is what looks like what  will be a very long term project.  While routing around my garage I discovered several bins of scraps.  I opened one and discovered lots of strings of various widths.

I pulled a couple of handfuls

trimmed the pieces down to 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide

Then I started a new long term project of crocheting a square . I have no idea what my goal here is  but this is what happens to your mind when you are on shut down. 

This is how far those 2 handfuls got me. OK it's not exactly square but close enough for a mindless project.  I  measure it currently at about 17 inches give or take.  It counts for this hop right? And in the end that's all that matters.

At this point I want to thank Miss Carol from  Just Let Me Quilt  for hosting this hop and thanks to all of the hoppers for giving us some fun stuff to focus on during this lock down.   Here is a list of all of the players.  It will so brighten your day and theirs if you drop by check out their projects and leave a sweet note.

Please continue to stay safe and out of harms way.