Saturday, May 2, 2015

Baby Quilt for MJ

I left Jersey in February knowing that I had to make a baby quilt for a friends first grand son. I knew I had plenty of time. Ha, ha, ha.  Last week a mutual friend called to tell me the baby had arrived. I hadn't started  the quilt yet.  so much for lots of time

A few years ago I saw this idea all over the blog world.  I am very sorry but I never noted the pattern designer or the actual name of the pattern.  This version is from my memory.  I have no idea if the letters of the original were appliqued or pieced, if the quilt was rectangular or square etc. etc. 

Last winter I joined in the Little Letters sew along at Temecula Quilt Company.  I used those letters for my quilt. I did it over the course of 5 evenings and a quilt morning. My version ended up as a 48 inch square. 

I backed it with a cotton sheet of white with blue pin dots.  It will be mailed this week and this child will get his quilt before he's a  month old.  He won't know it's a wee bit late. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fun Quick Bag

On a daily basis I get ideas from  A new idea every morning. The ideas are all over the map, clothes, stuffed animals, household items, bags, pin cushions etc. etc. etc.  All come with instructions. I have gotten ideas for several gifts from this site and would recommend it.

A couple of weeks ago the great Easy Peasy Backpack  was the item of the day.  It may have taken me 2 weeks to try it but I've now made 4 of them in 5 days.

What I love the most about them is that you don't need anything beyond your fabric stash, no hardware required.  I believe it takes about a yard of fabric which includes the lining and the draw string.

The blue with pink bag was made following the instructions with only one exception.  The instructions call for the drawstring to be tied in a knot and I sewed the ends together.  It took roughly an hour and a half to make it (with no interruptions).

I then made another for me in a dark print that I have been hording for years.  I ended up using the trimmings for simple interior pockets.  That bag, that I made for me walked out the door with a friend the next day. She saw it hanging on the back of the chair after the photo shoot.

Bag 3, a twin to bag 2 has also found a new home.  On to bag 4 which is close to bag 2 and 3 but not a triplet. This time instead of making the draw string I used store bought cord which I had in my stash.  This really sped up the process. The draw string is about 3 1/2 yards long and required a lot of ironing which is not my favorite thing to do. Easy but not my cup of tea.

Tied knots this time, knots seem to go well with the cord.

Again used the trimmed off pieces to make pockets.

I will, no doubt, make these again.  I think they would make a great gift bag and I have plenty of time left before Christmas not to mention the Christmas yardage in my stash. ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Have a Latte

When I saw this fabric line  by  Dan Di Paolo, "Have a Latte" I signed on immediately. Loved the dots. Once the fabric got here I didn't want to cut it up.  The cups are a pretty good size and I did want to see them mostly whole  which show cases the dots on the cups, in whatever I finally decided on making.  The dots were a good size also so I didn't really want to chop them up either.

We recently got a new kitchen table. I found these wonderful place mats for it at BBB at about $1.50 each after coupon.  Wonderful yes, but not made by me.  The mats were a perfect color way for my eating area and lo and behold the fabrics I had purchased contained the same base colors.

I didn't have a pattern. I just measured the store bought mats and improvised with the sole goal of leaving the fabrics in big pieces.  I made 6 in total, 3 with the black and cream dots and 3 with the red and black dots.

On to the backing or the flip side.  I had lots of the dot fabric left because I bought twice as much of it as the cups and stripes.  I also had a bit of the stripe and a bit of the cups fabrics remaining. I will admit to being a bit of a hoarder when it comes to dots so I opted to finish off the cups fabric on the back and fill in the difference with the dots.  I measured what cup fabric I had left and divided it by 6. 

I had just enough of the stripe left to do the binding.

What I ended up with is a set of 6 reversible place mats for me. Not to be given away this time. I'm so happy with them that I've even invited friends over for dinner tomorrow evening to break them in. Not sure which side I'll use, maybe both, one side for the gals and the other side for the guys.

Not only do they look great on my kitchen table, they look pretty terrific on my lanai table too, all ready for an afternoon snack of Latte and cookies.

Again my thanks to  Dan Di Paolo for designing this wonderful line of fabric "Have a Latte",  M Samm for her idea of using this line and CalicoJoan  of  for coordinating all of the  participants into this hop.

If you haven't done so already, please stop in and visit the other very talented ladies who are presenting today.

        April 14

Thanks for stopping by and thanks also for any comments you took the time to leave.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Goodies

I am participating in a post card swap coordinated by Sheila over at
the theme is Spring/Easter.  I had such fun making this post card for my swap partner Sunny,

that I made 2 additional ones.  I don't know why some of my pictures twist. Kindly turn your heads.

Then I made 4 more.  

I tried taking the photos using different configurations but still twisted.

But they are still cute as (dare I say it) a bunny.

I'm heading out of town to have Easter with my family. I'll be home in time to post my Latte offerings on April 14. 

 Leaving Michael and Nettie home to fend for them selves.

I'm thinking that they'll be just fine.

To one and all, Enjoy your holiday.

Friday, March 27, 2015

And the Winner is:

The winner of the giveaway of my left over bird fabric is Nancy A.  I have contacted her by email for her mailing address.  Congratulations Nancy, I look forward to hearing from you.

This was such a great hop and had such wonderful support.  Thanks everyone who participated and to those of you who cheered us on.

Friday, March 20, 2015

My Lovely Birds - Tree Bird Blog Hop

We recently moved to sunny central Florida. Need to learn the area and where best to get out door shots of my quilts.

The area is beautiful, Water and plants everywhere.

My big problem is that while it's all beautiful it's all overwhelming and not meant for background for small things.

This is a picture of one of several trees that were in what I thought would be a wonderful location.

Anyway back to the quilt.  I am not generally a panel person because I don't have a big imagination regarding what to do with them. But the panels in this line  Beautiful Birds  at Elizabeth's Studio designed by Tracy Lizotte

immediately made me think of one of my favorite go to blocks, Garden Fences. 
The block is generally a square but I didn't want to cut off any of the detail so I recalculated the block and away I went.

My backing is 2/3 of that wonderful polka dot and 1/3 Kona White.

A little more scenery

And as good a close up as I could fit on the screen.

I finished the quilt, the only thing I planned on making for this hop, with a couple of days to spare. 
Once I finished it I determined that it would be a great quilt to contribute to the 2015 Hands To Help Charity Quilt Challenge - see the button on my side bar.

More Scenery

I then thought that I had another panel of Bird Houses from this line that would make up into a great kid quilt for the Challenge too.

I managed to get the top finished in time for the photo shoot. The entire line is very peaceful to look at.  Really not kid oriented at first glance. But I personally think that if you add enough polka dots to anything a kid will love it. 

You really can't see them all but the blue and yellow boxes are dottie fabrics.
I'm pretty sure when I get around to backing it, there will be more dots of some kind or another.

Now to the important stuff,  thank yous... Madame Samm our lead cheerleader and Lana the cheerleader for this hop have both been marvelous at keeping us on track and motivated.

Please take the time to go and visit all of today's hoppers, so much talent. See the list below.

Oh and if you are interested in my left over bird fabric I will be having a give away. I will pick a name from the comment list from those of you who mention that you would like it.  I'll ship worldwide.

Friday, March 20

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Little Quilting and a Lot of Crafting

Things here in the new house are settling down to almost normal.  Well as normal as breaking in a very nervous dog to a new environment can be.  She isn't big on boxes or sudden movements or dropping things, you get the picture.  On the plus side she is a sweetheart and very well behaved.

In between emptying the boxes and walking the dog I have set up my quilting room and have made great progress on my piece for the  Tree Bird hop, my day is March 20. You will have to wait for those pictures.

We live in an area where there are lots of activities available through out the week.  This week I signed up for a session on Card Making.

For a small fee the leader of the class/group brings all of the parts so that you can make 4 cards.  It was a nice evening and I brought these home with me.

Great way to meet people with like interests.

Yesterday I went to a meeting of a group called Angel Snugs. It is a knitting and looming group who meet weekly to make hats for 38 pediatric oncology hospitals throughout the US.  I had never tried looming, Well that is not entirely correct, as a child I remember having a wooden spool with 4 or 5 nails hammered into the top that I used to make long knitted chains ....  I have no idea for what purpose,

Anyway I made the small hat as my sample during the session, maybe 2 - 2 1/2 hours.

I made the larger hat after stopping to get my own  looms.   Needed an excuse to get a new toy  :-}

Again, another group of lovely ladies to chat with and learn about the area and things to be done as well as places to go.  It was amazing how many of them also quilt.

I think I can be very productive here.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Non Quilty Posting

We have had a very hectic 3 weeks in our lives.

On January 30, I retired.
The first part of the week of Feb 1, we packed
Thur Feb 5, the movers came and picked up our stuff
Monday Feb 9, we were on the auto train headed for our new home in Central Florida.

On our way down to Florida we got a call that MJ's mom had a "whopper of a stroke".  She lives in the Fort Lauderdale area. We were able to get down to her in time to say good bye.  She was 89 and in great health, still living on her own. MJ's sister was also on her way down to Fl when she got the call because they were all coming to see and stay at our new house for a family style vacation.  We know she was very happy and pain free when she passed.  More than that you can't ask for in life.

Friday night back to the house
Saturday 8 AM the movers arrive.
Sunday through Thursday we unpacked.

And then the best day of the last three weeks came........

The kids arrived.



The girls playing with MJ

We are rescuing them through Florida English Bulldog Rescue.

They were abandoned as puppies and had a lot of health issues that needed to be resolved.  In great shape they were adopted out to a family that were apparently not a good fit.  They both came back in worse shape than they were originally.

Nettie is now very healthy and living with us.  Celie is still on medical hold due to a stress related mange issue that is well on it's way to gone. We will have have play dates so that she is used to us when the move happens and so that she stays in contact with her sister.  They are about a year and a half old.  Very timid but very lovey dovey.  I know we can give them a wonderful forever home.

Our 1st family photo.