Sunday, December 15, 2013

Productive pre Christmas week

I've been pretty busy this week.  I had a commission quilt to get done. it was requested for a surprise Christmas gift for the 8 year old grand daughter of one of my coworkers.

 10 years ago when her first grand daughter was born she had asked me to make a quilt.  When her second grand daughter was born we weren't working together and she never got around to asking for a quilt for her.

 Well apparently grand child #1 has been flaunting her quilt and the #2 started asking the question "where's myquilt grand ma".

Well this child loves the color pink and animals of all kinds.  I had purchased all of the cat fabric in the store for a previous project.  Grandma and I went to the LQS to pick out the other fabrics.

I actually have enough of the cat fabric left to make a pillow case, that should put her one up on her big sis.

Tried using the freshly fallen snow as a background.  It may be just too white for the quilt.

Next up,  just before Thanksgiving I saw a blog posting somewhere where they melted red and white mints to make things like platters and coasters.  Thought the idea was very cool and ran out and got the parchment paper and mints.  Both sat on the counter for the last 3 weeks.  Yesterday we were going to friends for our annual Christmas dinner and I was the dessert.   Now was my chance. 

Could I find the instructions anywhere???????????? of course not.  so going with my best memory of the plan I started.  I'm guessing that I got the temp wrong.   I thought I was supposed to use a 400 oven for 10 minutes.  After 4 minutes I heard the cookie sheet make that noise it makes when it warps.  well I can't say this was going to be a success before the warping but .....................

the whole thing was originally in the shape of a hexi. You can kinda sorta see that in the middle. Those really blurry ends and edges are where the mints got really thin and fragile and dripped off my cookie sheet.

I didn't get a picture of the end result but while the piece was still warm I was able to bend up the thin ends so that they looked vaguely like handles.  Once I covered the whole thing in 3 types of  brownies it looked wonderfully festive.  It also made for some great conversation and giggles over coffee.

Back to the sewing machine.  I have one more commissioned quilt to finish this week.  I really do need to learn to say no at this time of the year, but it's for my nephew and he is such a sweetie.


  1. What a beautiful quilt! I know that one will be well-loved...

    I wanted to make one of those candy platters... maybe I will just enjoy yours! (Here's the site I found on Pinterest to make these:

    1. I checked out this site; thanks for the clue. The plates are adorable!

  2. Very sweet little girl quilt - sure it will be well loved.

  3. That's a sweet quilt for a young girl. I'm sure she'll be thrilled. And she should get an extra with pillow case after putting up with big sis's taunting. LOL That mint plate looks like such a fun idea.

  4. Such a sweet girly quilt! I saw that candy melt thing on Pinterest...somewhere. It looked like a good idea! LOL

  5. Such a pretty quilt! And your candy tray story cracked me up - sounds like something I would do! Whoop whoop!!

  6. I can just hear #1 sister giving her #2 sister all kinds of grief! lol It is a wonderful quilt. Cute idea with the candy plate. I checked out Impera Magna's website suggestion and it looks fun. Sounds like you just errored with the temp but your plate was still fun.

  7. Neat for you to have been commissioned to make a quilt, Selina! That puts you in the "paid professional" category, you know. :-) Love the peppermint tray story. It's a clever idea that I've not heard of. Sounds like you managed your way through it just fine. Anyway, I'm sure the yummy brownies distracted anyone from noticing any tray imperfections. It's apparent we need you to bring treats to our CFMQG meeting!

  8. Cute story about the quilt which is lovely by the way and I am sure will be loved . Interesting little tale about dessert too , I have never heard of that .


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