Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Postcard Swap

I participated in a Christmas  Post Card Swap coordinated by Sheila at  .  This is why I so love the blog WORLD.  I was fortunate enough to exchanged Post Cards internationally.

                   I was  matched up with Rachel  in Australia who sent me this wonderful little guy

                            and with Sharon in Nova Scotia who sent this wonderful winter scene

        My return postcard was of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I sent the same card to both ladies    cause I loved the way it came out.  He is a bit shiney because I took the photo after I put him in his mailing envelope.  I used the envelope to try and protect the beads from the machinery in the various Post Offices he would be visiting.

I'm really loving Post Cards.  I don't mind experimenting with small pieces. If I fail it just doesn't matter. I can start over with minimal loss of time and materials.   I am learning things like the fact that Rudolph's nose didn't make it intact to all of the people he has been sent to. Will need to use a less fragile type of bead in the future or do it as an applique or a stitch.  Learning, it's a good thing.

So Thanks Sheila, I'm sew looking forward to your next swapping event.


  1. What adorable cards!! I missed this swap this year ... great to see them and thank you for sharing!

  2. All are sweet Christmas time postcards! Yes, it's questionable whether embellies will survive the postal delivery systems, but I always look at it as all part of the brave journey of a postcard.

  3. Fun postcards Selina , I am so glad you joined in on the swap , it has been great having you and I love my Rudolph :-)

  4. I love both the postcards that you received and the one you sent. Rudolph is just the cutest!

    I participated in an ornament first swap ever. I've seen postcards but haven't even thought about joining one of those...maybe next year.

  5. Rudolph is adorable as are the snowmen!! Postcards are lots of fun to make!
    June - NC


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