Sunday, December 1, 2013

Presents for Cooper And the Winners ARe:

My niece called and asked if I could make a cover for some foam for a bed for her dog.  I'm a sucker for that dog.  He is a rescue who was originally found abandoned and tied to a street sign, malnourished and more than likely abused.

All I needed to do was make 2 pillow cases.  One for around the foam and one for over that.  I velcroed  the back clousure.  I had enough left over fabric to make a quilted pad for the top.

Cooper didnt' much like toys when he first arrived in the family but 3 years ago I brought him a duck for Thanksgiving.  He feel madly in love with it.  when I found that out I went out and got 4 more that I keep for replacement.

Here is Cooper and his buddy, the latest duck, last night after all the company went home.  I had intended that he sleep on the quilted pad.  Obviously my niece thought differently. I don't care so long as he's happy and safe.


I have contacted the winners of my rogue chickens.  You know the ones, the guys who thought it was just a tad to crowded living here.

Congratulations to Barb Corbitt and Bonnie Browne. Hopefully they will get back to me this week and I can get them out to their new homes before the Christmas rush.


  1. Congratulations to the winners, you are SO lucky! Cooper certainly does look like he is enjoying his new bed, well done

  2. Cooper has won my heart too! So sweet...

    You did a great job on his bedding!

    Congrats to your winners...they are also very lucky ;)

  3. You are such an awesome auntie! Cooper is lucky in so many ways!

  4. Cooper looks right at home on his great new bed.... he's a lucky guy to have been rescued and your niece is a lucky girl to have him! And congrats to the winners of the chickens!

  5. Just follow your blog! Come follow us back!


  6. Beautiful dog! and the chickens are so fun and adorable!

  7. You are a great aunt to step in and make Cooper a new bed cover ,he looks pretty happy laying there with his duck :-)


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