Saturday, May 12, 2012

Swoon is officiallu finished and the 100th post winner

This is the zip pouch I worked up for Loralynn in her requested colors of Black and Pink.  I absolutely love the combo. The pin cushion is just an extra I'm throwing in because the pouch is empty. There was also a Chocolate and Raspberry candy bar that has mysteriously gone missing.  Will need to stop back at the store before mailing.

The inside of the pouch has a pink pocket on polka dots.  The back of the pin cushion is made from the scraps from the pouch.  The star on the front of the pin cushion is from the corners chopped off the joining of the binding strips from the Swoon quilt.  They were just lying there begging for a new lease on life.

Now on to the big finish.
I posted about this quilt coming back from the quilter back in February

It was quilted by Sarah Russett of Sweet Potatoe Quilts, close ups are at the posting above.
She did such a wonderful job.

It has been sitting patiently waiting to have it's binding put on.  Since it is for a gift I need for the end of the month I had to get a move on.  My problem was that the longer it sat the bigger the job was getting in my head. In actuallity it took 3 evenings. I think I had gotten it up to a bit over a week in my head. DUH!

I took pictures today because it was so bright outside and I found that every shot had MJ in shadow. The thing is about 81x81 and is quite heavy.  Here is a shot of MJ between takes. It was sweet of all 6'3" of him to help hold it up so I could get a shot of it in it's entirety.  The binding is the same deep purple fabric as the center block. Very simple clean finish.

 OK so for my small projects for the Month of May list - details here     I can cross off the Swoon and the 3 purses.  I really had intended on making 3 purses not counting the purse for the 100th posting which I hadn't even thought of at the time but 3 done is still 3 done.  I'm now off to sandwich and quilt one of H2H quilts. Maybe I'll get one done this weekend.

Be productive and have a wonderful Mother's Day.


  1. Lovely pouch and jyour Swoon is devine! Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Love the colours in the winners pouch. Congraulations on completing your swoon quilt, you are working your way through your list very quikcly.

  3. I love it! I can't wait to see it in person! The polka dots are perfect...I'm having a love affair with polka dots right now. Now I'm even more excited about winning than I was before!!!

  4. Beautiful finish! I love the swoon blocks all put together! Nice colors!

  5. Very cute pouch! Your Swoon quilt is adorable too!

  6. Love the swoon quilt, someone is really going to enjoy that one!!


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