Saturday, May 19, 2012

H2H2012 Finishes - Sneak Peak

I had a wonderfully productive week. My committment to the H2H 2012 project is done. Here are sneak peaks of the  2 quilts that I sandwiched, quilted and bound (that looks weird) this week.      Next Sunday will be a linky party at
for all of the contribution quilts for this years event.

I just checked my list of projects for May and I have 7 out of 10 completed. My problem today is that I want to start something that's not on the list.  Oh well there's always tomorrow for the list. Today I want to start on my next Swoon quilt.  This one will be for a King size bed.  That's 16 blocks.  I need it completely finished by the beginning of September for the 1st night we spend in the new house.
That means finishing in time to send out to be quilted and back for binding.
Goal for this weekend is 2 blocks. 


  1. Well it looks like you have been busy! Wonderful quilts!
    I'm always wanting to start something that is not on the list. I'm like a crazy bunny ya know.
    Congratulations on the new retirement home. Sounds so great and way fun with all the groups!

  2. Congrats on your H2H finishes!!! I still have a whole bunch left on my Sew Along list and I'm also trying hard *not* to start something that's not on the list, but it's hard!! LOL


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