Sunday, January 29, 2012

A very productive week

This has been one of the most productive weeks I've ever had.  Granted it was a week that started with a free Sunday and ended with a free Saturday but a week is a week.

It started with finishing up a few more of the spider web blocks, there is an end in sight, maybe this week

Followed by a couple more Swoon Blocks

Then I finished knitting a sock that only needed the toe completed and started on it's partner

I also cut out 24 wool bunnies for the BOM from  Didn't get pictures of them yet.

Then the nut case in me took over. Wednesday evening  I read the blog
where Sarah issued a Scrappy Block Challenge inspired by the book Cut the Scraps.  Her challenge is to design a block details are in this blog, by Feb 8 and post it on your blog.  I marked my calendar to check out the outcomes andthen took the dog for a walk.  I had no plan what so ever to enter this challenge but walking the dog in the cold dark with no one to talk to does strange things to ones mind.  By the time I got home I had designed a block. That was Wednesday evening at about 8 pm.  Keep in mind that I work a 9 -5 during the week.   By Saturday evening I not only had my block done (you know the saying measure twice cut once, they say it for good reason) but I had the whole top completed.  You'll have to wait for the 8th to see it.

So please come back then, I am quite proud of it.  Have a great week


  1. I finished my spider web quilt a few weeks ago, so I totaly understand the challenge. Your's is looking so nice!


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