Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas Presents Received

I make Christmas presents for many people. I have 3 old friends who make me presents.  While they all quilt to some degree this year they each displayed different talents.

Lets start with J. We've been friends for about 30 years. This year she got into beads and I am the proud recipient of this set

They came in this nifty pouch

Now onto P. We've been friends for about 20 years.I got P into quilting and P got me into knitting several years back.  Knitting is her craft of choice. She made me this great shawl.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  Couldn't figure out how to drape it for the best picture. Gave up trying, couldn't maintain the smile any more.

But this next pictures shows not only her knitting talent but her great sense of humor.  I have been talking retirement lately, mainly to Florida, not in the near future, but just starting to send out some feelers.  This is her response to my ramblings, it's what happens to bad girls in Florida.  I really love the red shoes.

Last but not least are my gifts from B. She's been in my life for 40 years. A couple of weeks ago I posted pictures of my past Christmas crafting for my sister. B told me I need to do my pictures at her house next year, she has more and they cover anytype of craft I may have tried over the past 40 years.
 I got her into making bags last month but she choose to crochet my gifts for this year.  This great ponch (first picture taken, smile was still working and my photographer wasn't bored yet)

additionally she crocheted this great plastic bag holder, you know the bags from the food store and everywhere else.  I save and recycle them when I walk the dog but they do have the tendency to spread out all over the closet.  This holder has brought them into order not to mention it looks ever so much nicer than the mess I had going.

didn't need to smile for this one.

Now I'm sure you'll agree I am one very lucky gal, with great and talented friends.


  1. Lovely gifts - I love ponchos, that is so pretty! Lucky gal for sure.

  2. I love hand-made gifts... they bring smiles to your face forever!


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