Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas quilting past

Went to my sisters for my Christmas/Birthday/ New Years's visit (very busy week in our family) and it was like going to my very own quilt show.  I hadn't realized just how many Holiday quilt things I have done over the years for her and her family. These go back several years and I am very sorry but I can no longer remember whose patterns I used so I can't give proper credit where it is due,  and it is due.

Lets start with the oldest one I have made.  This one I did with out a pattern and without a rotary cutter and mat.  I used a yard stick and pencil and scissors. It is actually 3 trees high but it hangs in the powder room and I couldn't get behind the toilet to snap the shot.

 These ornaments were also hanging in the powder room.  I love them.  The year I made them I must have made 30.  Everyone I knew got one.

  This guy is hanging in the entry way, welcoming one and all.

And this guy is just hanging out on another door.

 The wreath is hanging on the den wall.
And this Christmas throw is on the den couch where no one is allowed to disturb it.  This was my first jelly roll quilt and my best guess is that it is a moda recipe.

Well that's most of the Christmas stitchery.  They got a new puppy at her house this year so there was no official tree so the tree skirt I made was in protective custody in the attic and the Christmas sampler quilt I made for her last year and never finished is in my sewing room and I promise here in writing in front of everyone in blog land to get it done before Christmas 2012.

The only problem I see with these pictures is that I don't see any people in them.  Got home and realized I never took Christmas pictures of the people in my family. Not good.

Happy New Year everyone.


  1. It is great to see how far you have come in your craft when you look back to previous years. Sometimes I shudder when I see some of mine from years ago .... love the hanging ornaments, if you remember the name of the pattern I would love to have it .. I also love the wreath, beautiful rich colours

  2. Great Christmas quilts and ornaments.
    Visiting from Fabric Tuesday.


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