Monday, November 14, 2011

Great day with an Old Friend

I spent Sunday afternoon with my old friend BA. It was a terrific day.  BA and I have been friends for almost 40 years.  If there is a craft out there one if not both of us has probably tried it.  My current craft of choice is quilting hers is crocheting. 

For most of the years we’ve been friends we have exchanged at least one hand crafted gift a year.  Looking at her house decorated for Christmas is just one long trip down memory lane for us.  A great chart of our growth in the world of crafting.

A couple of months ago we met for dinner and she saw one of my Bento Box bags and asked for one.  Why not, I’ve been on a bag roll.  I made her the bag on my Sept 5, 2011 posting.  She loves it and uses it every day for work.

A couple of weeks ago she asked if I thought she could make one herself.  It’s been awhile since she has had her sewing machine up and running but I think it’s like riding a bike.  We met one night after work  at JoAnns to pick out fabric and yesterday we met to sew.  I had given her a copy of the  Pattern for the Bento Box from the Pink Penquin and her job was to have the pieces cut out and labeled when I got there. Sure enough the pieces were cut (see the edge of the pumpkin table topper,I made that),

but also waiting were Scarves she had crocheted for my sister and me.  Pretty huh.

 It was great, I supervised and she sewed her heart out.  Here is picture of the base of the bag.  At this point you know you are on the right track. 

While she was sewing I was hand stitching the binding down on one of the Snowmen Quilts.  And of course we talked, and talked and talked.  Problem with all of that talking is that it did slow down the sewing process a tiny bit and messed with her concentration ( read that as a wee bit of ripping ). But 3 hours later she had a finished bag.  

She is now talking about getting her machine tuned up and making a bag or 2 as Christmas presents.  Could there be a better day??????? I don’t think so. 


  1. Very cool! I think she did a wonderful job on her bag! I'm sure she'll have fun making more bags for Christmas gifts. :)

  2. Can't get much better than that! Good Friends and Crafting - wonderful times.

  3. I can't think of a better way to spend a day... glad you two had such a nice time!

  4. Chatting or not, you and your friend had a productive day! How fun for the two of you!


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